Laisha Wilkins receives criticism for “classist” comment about Bad Bunny fans

Laisha Wilkins receives criticism for "classist" comment about Bad Bunny fans

The Mexican starlet Laisha Wilkins ended up being a trend on socials media due to some controversial comments she made on her personal Twitter account in which she touched on the concern of declined tickets at the Bad Bunny concert at the Azteca Stadium and was contemptuous of the fans of the Puerto Rican.

After Ticketmaster’s statement in which he introduced that the afflicted people will certainly be reimbursed, Laisha Wilkins released a pungent criticism of the fans who wished to go to the performance: “To all those who are mosting likely to be repaid the bunny cash, give the thanks … life provided you a great possibility not to squander your money on crap. It’s all the tweet”, was the comment for which the starlet was branded as “classist”.

“Now you are wrong, Laisha. What a lack of compassion. Remember that one day it can occur to you with any type of artist “,” Your comment is hyper classist and also has nothing to do with the scams and fraud that Ticketmaster did. Put aside your “prevalence” for not listening to a category”,” Check your classism, this surpasses a simple musical category “, were a few of the comments Wilkins obtained.

Confronted with criticism and also attacks, Laisha Wilkins tried to protect herself by admitting that she does listen to the songs of preferred musicians, but never Bad Bunny: “The artists I like do not have a target market that a large percent duplicates tickets … as well as I am not shocked with the lyrics of the songs”.

He likewise restated that Bad Bunny fans were the reason for the regrettable scenario for purchasing resale tickets and was sorry for that his comments about the “Bad Bunny” performance generated even more outrage than the reality that there are no vaccines versus Covid-19 in wintertime, when the defenses decrease.

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