King Carlos III reforms Sandringham to remove the bad reputation that Harry left him

King Charles III plans to tear up the grass in the gardens of Sandringham Palace , in Norfolk, to replace it with a new ecological project that integrates five thousand healing plants.

The sovereign has made plans to create a climate-friendly “Topiary Garden” to help enhance the state’s biodiversity. With this, the Norfolk estate will have more than 5,000 healing yew tree cover plants, mixed with lavenders that will add color throughout the year.

In this way, the monarch wants the name of Sandringham to stop being associated with Prince Harry and his recent revelations . While the property has always been associated with the royal family’s walk on Christmas Day, it is also associated with the “Sandringham Summit”, when Queen Elizabeth II, Charles, William and Harry met in 2020 at the quote that it was key for the Megxit to take place .

“In recent years, with changing weather patterns, the current turf expanse has been affected by hot weather and excessive rainfall. The newly developed garden will introduce new species that are more robust, resilient and better able to withstand the impact of emerging weather patterns ,” a statement reads.

Work on the new garden will begin next week, at the Royal Family’s country retreat, and will finish next May. Award-winning landscape designers Landform will transform the garden to be pollinator-friendly , in the hope that other creatures will enjoy the space as well.


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