King Carlos III almost lost his life in a snow avalanche on his vacation

King Carlos III almost lost his life in a snow avalanche on his vacation

At the beginning of March 1988, King Carlos III and his wife at the time,  Princess Diana , paused their official activities to take a vacation. In the company of the Dukes of York,  Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew, the then Princes of Wales set out for the Swiss Alps.

At that time, the current monarch of the United Kingdom was 39 years old when they stayed at a luxurious resort. Queen Elizabeth II’s eldest son enjoyed a moment of skiing at Klosters with some members of his security team, but his plans were interrupted by an event that nearly ended Carlos’ life.

At about 2:30 p.m. on March 10, a large mass of snow generated an avalanche that ended the life of Commander Hugh Lindsay, 34, who was a personal friend of the Princes of Wales and provided his services to Queen Elizabeth. II for years. The royal’s friend Patricia Parker-Tomlinson also suffered serious injuries to her legs, while the monarch was unharmed.

King Carlos III mourned the death of his friend

Although Carlos III did not suffer health complications from the avalanche, he was very affected by the unfortunate death of his friend . Some sources assured that while the rescue tasks were being carried out, the then Prince of Wales cried and asked that Queen Elizabeth II be informed of what had happened.

Meanwhile, at the time Lady Diana and the Duchess of York , who was 14 weeks pregnant with Princess Beatrice, were comfortably resting in a chalet 15 minutes from the venue . 34 years later, in 2022, King Carlos III returned to the same ski resort where he almost lost his life, in the company of Princess Ana.


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