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Kathy Griffin Chokes Up After Trolls Mock Her Curly Hair: ‘This Is How It Grows Out Of My Head’ – Watch


Kathy Griffin took to Instagram to ask trolls to ‘please accept’ her for her ‘curly-haired, red-headed self’ after they asked her to ‘get rid’ of  and change her hair.

Kathy Griffin, 60, is speaking out after some harsh critics called out her curly hair on Instagram. The comedian filmed a video of herself responding to the negativity and seemed to choke up at one point while explaining that her curls are her natural and she wants to be accepted no matter her hairstyle.

“Alright, I’m making this video because I’ve been getting some social media hate because of my curly hair,” she began in the clip, which was posted on July 24. “A lot of, ‘Girl, you’ve got to get rid of that hair.’ A lot of, ‘Girl, we don’t like your hair like that.’”

“Well, this is how my hair grows out of my head,” she continued. “It always has and it always will. I’m a … curly-haired, red-headed lady. I’m not saying my days of blowouts are over. I’m just asking you to accept me for my curly-haired self.”

Kathy Griffin
Kathy Griffin shows off her curly hair during a previous outing. (Shutterstock)

She also captioned her video with, “This is how it grows out of my head!”

Once it went public, many of her fans responded with kind comments of support. “It’s beautiful! Who’s saying it’s not for heavens sake?!” one fan asked. “I actually love the natural curls. Looks so healthy. Looking like everyone else is overrated. ❤️,” another wrote. “You’re rockin’ that curly red hair!!!!!!!!!!!” a third exclaimed.

Kathy often shows off her curly hair on social media. Whether she’s posting a professional photo or memorable candid snapshots from her everyday life, she always rocks the look with confidence and style. There have been times in the past when she did rock straighter locks, but she seems to be embracing her natural look in recent days.

Since she’s been in the spotlight for years, Kathy is used to criticism, but she’s always open and honest about her feelings toward it and has inspired others. We’re happy she’s still getting support and speaking her truth!

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