Kate del Castillo revealed that she was about to end up in jail for following her instincts

Kate del Castillo revealed that she was about to end up in jail for following her instincts

The Mexican actress Kate del Castillo can not and does not want to hide that her career has actually been ruined by some bad choices she has made, typically driven more by her instincts than by good sense.

During a meeting to advertise her next television project, Volver a Caer, the interpreter recalled some defining moments in her personal life, yet also some occasions that marked her in her professional profession. Amongst them, her unforgettable experience with among the most wanted drug traffickers on the planet, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

When speaking of the men that have actually gone through her life and who have actually additionally hurt her, the prominent interpreter of Teresa Mendoza in La Reina del Sur stated the repercussions of her nearness to “El Chapo”, because he was under examination for a long period of time by the Mexican authorities, along with the reality that for a long period of time he might not enter his native country.

” There was something that was wrong, I was with another function in my head which is why I nearly lost my life, and also not only did I shed my life, it was losing my life or going to jail. In addition, it was a time when I could not tell anybody, “the actress recalled about her encounter with the drug trafficker for the podcast of reporter Pamela Cerdeira, MVS102.5.

I was right at this moment in my life where no one employed me, where they took contracts from me, where I had no cash, where I had to pay a lot of money to the Mexican government. I satisfied with my companions as well as told them: ‘we are going to do something ourselves. And that’s what we did,” described the actress.

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