Kate del Castillo delivers details of the talk she had with Queen Letizia

Kate del Castillo delivers details of the talk she had with Queen Letizia

A few days back, Queen Letizia made an express trip to the city of Los Angeles, California, to participate in the launch of the new headquarters of the Cervantes Institute. There the Mexican actors Eugenio Derbez as well as Kate del Castillo had the ability to fulfill the emperor. The protagonist of La reina del Sur greeted the queen consort of Spain very effusively, damaging the procedure and also provoking a series of criticisms for her actions.

The actress herself revealed what she discussed with Doña Letizia. “Divine, also, an incredible female since she informs me that she had a birthday celebration nearly the same as me, we coincide age and that she was considering my Instagram and she likes everything I do, so it was very funny that she informed me that she saw my Instagram “, Del Castillo described during an interview on the Hoy program.


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What Erick del Castillo’s child did not go unnoticed and was criticized on social media networks: “Kate welcomes Letizia as if she were her comadre”, “Isn’t it intended that when you have a meeting with someone from royalty you should bow?”,” Kate welcomes her as if she were her good friend “, “I even assumed they currently recognized each other”, “That welcoming is the one I give my buddy”, “Kate forgot to study the royal protocols”, were a few of the comments that users made on socials media after seeing Kate’s gushing welcoming to the Spanish queen.

Nevertheless, in spite of having damaged the royal protocol, which dictates that a slight bow must be made before a participant of aristocracy, the Mexican starlet did not appear to mind damaging the policies yet neither did the queen, who looked extremely grinning in her conference. with Kate.

The interpreter of Teresa Mendoza joked concerning having actually satisfied Letizia:” Now we are going to be from queen to queen, don’t think it,” she stated with a laugh prior to the meeting.

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