Juan Soler and Paulina Mercado sealed their love story in the style of JLo and Ben Affleck

Juan Soler and Paulina Mercado sealed their love story in the style of JLo and Ben Affleck

Juan Soler and also Paulina Mercado preserved their nostalgic relationship in an extremely discreet method for several months, until in December 2022 they made a decision that it was time to share their happiness in public. And also with the death of time they have shown that their love is going from stamina to strength and also they have actually defined it in a very unique means.

The tv host as well as the Argentine actor verified their love in the Sale el Sol program, as well as although much has actually been said regarding the training course of their relationship, the couple appears to be closer than ever, as well as they let it be seen by tattooing together the very same layout.

During a concern and solution dynamic with Paulina’s Instagram, the Mexican was questioned about the moon-shaped tattoo that was made on one of her wrists and also the definition behind it, guaranteeing that it is a pair tattoo that it was made together with Soler.

” We did it with each other. Juan and also I have a story with the moon, considering that this began and, in fact, they have actually surely seen numerous reels or many photos that we placed the tune from Fly Me to the Moon “, confessed the presenter of the Sale el Sol program in her instagram tales.

In Mercado’s response, the female did not hesitate to show the tattoo that represents the beginning of her love story with the interpreter, commenting on the part of the body where Juan made a decision to record it.” I did it below on my hand as well as he did it on his torso,” claimed the chauffeur, revealing an image of her popular sweetheart’s tattoo, that included a phrase in English that reviews: “Love is in the air. Loyalty in …”.

In the very same Instagram dynamic, Paulina was likewise examined if she had strategies to marry the soap opera sweetheart, to which she replied that there is no wedding celebration presently, not also an ask for a hand from the actor.

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