Jorge Salinas breaks the silence about his infidelity to his wife Elizabeth Alvarez

Jorge Salinas breaks the silence about his infidelity to his wife Elizabeth Alvarez

After weeks without making any statement, Jorge Salinas faced the Mexican press to talk about the controversy generated by some photographs that show the actor kissing his nutritionist , when he has been home with Elizabeth Álvarez for more than 12 years , from whom it transcended and ran to the soap opera heartthrob in his house.

This January 25, the telenovela Forgive our sins starring Salinas was presented on Televisa, for which it was inevitable that the media present questioned him about his alleged infidelity with the nutrition specialist , to which the actor was blunt in his response, in addition to clarify that this will be the only time he will talk about the subject.

What did Jorge Salinas say about his infidelity?

” The statement that I am going to give is unique and unrepeatable: I am a person who deeply loves his wife Elizabeth , deeply loves his family and regrets all this media issue,” he said about the video. Despite the seriousness of the problem, the actor seemed to have a calm face when he talked about it.

“I want it to be very clear, I have not had, nor do I have a relationship outside of my marriage, I do not have it and I have never had it. I ask you to please stop this media issue, it is not going to amount to anything, what I have is pure love for my family, respect for my wife and love for Elizabeth. I reiterate again, I do not have any extramarital relationship nor have I ever had it, thank you very much , ”she added.

Regarding his relationship with Anna Paula Guerrero , he indicated that he has known her for more than a year and a half and that this video was from long before Christmas, that is why he does not understand why it barely leaked: I really do not think (that it is a trap), you stand guard outside Televisa […] Nothing happens, for God’s sake… I haven’t had contact with Dr. Guerrero, I think since that time”.


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