JLo’s reason for not letting Emme and Max attend Nadia and Marc’s wedding

JLo's reason for not letting Emme and Max attend Nadia and Marc's wedding

Marc Anthony married for the fourth time this Saturday, January 28, in a private celebration. On this occasion, the singer came down the aisle with Nadia Ferreira, with whom he got engaged just a few months after becoming boyfriends, a situation that immediately worried Jennifer Lopez.

After the famous couple’s nuptial link, some attendees and the media have revealed details of the marriage that is considered “The wedding of the year” . Among the information that has come to light is that possibly JLo’s twins and the interpreter of Very Inside Me , Emme and Max , did not attend their father’s wedding , this could have been due to a important reason.

“Jen is not happy with Marc, since she does not understand his motivations and the engagement seems like a hasty decision and she does not trust Nadia Ferreira as her children’s stepmother, ” the source told the Suggest portal.

It is likely that due to this situation, neither Jennifer Lopez nor her daughter Emme and, perhaps, nor Max, have attended the wedding of the famous salsa singer . On the other hand, the wife of Ban Affleck (50) was seen with her teenage daughter on the streets of Los Angeles a few hours after Marc was marrying Nadia.


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