JLo’s close friend who did not go to the wedding with Ben, but who did attend Marc Anthony and Nadia’s

JLo's close friend who did not go to the wedding with Ben, but who did attend Marc Anthony and Nadia's

Although several days have passed since the marriage of Nadia Ferreira and Marc Anthony , until now the complete list of celebrities who attended the nuptial link that has been called the “Wedding of the year” has come to light.

Among those attending the ceremony was Leah Remini and her husband, Angelo Pagan, who was part of the musical band that played at the wedding party. Both share a great friendship with the salsa singer, it has lasted for two decades.

However, what caught the attention of the followers when they discovered that Remini had attended the former beauty queen’s ceremony with the singer, is that she not only maintains a friendship with Marc, but is also considered one of the best friends of Jennifer Lopez, with whom, according to the magazine Hello! , she has experienced good and bad times.

“Angelo and I were overjoyed to be part of such a beautiful celebration. Congratulations to the happy couple, Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira, we love you! ”, Leah wrote on her Instagram stories. The actress of the television series The King of Queens also told how she experienced the issue of not being able to access her cell phone during her reception.

“Phones were not allowed at their wedding. At first, I felt a little anxious about it, but then it really allowed us to be in the moment. We laugh, we dance. Angelo sang, and we ate! I didn’t sleep an hour before getting on another plane, but it was worth it,” the celebrity concluded.

Despite the closeness with JLo, Leah preferred Marc

Leah’s presence at Marc and Nadia ‘s wedding was a big surprise for fans of the “Bronx Diva”, who were surprised to find out that the actress and television host did not attend Jennifer’s ceremony with Ben Affleck in August, but yes to that of the Puerto Rican singer.

According to the newspaper The Mirror r, although Leah was invited to the nuptial link of the Jenny From the Block interpreter and Batman actor , Remini did not attend, since she wanted to spend time with her daughter, who would go to university in the previous days .

“ Leah chose to prioritize family time as she prepared to send her 18-year-old daughter Sofia to college instead of attending Jennifer and Ben’s wedding, ” TMZ reported at the time. Likewise, the American media assured that Leah was not choosing to snub her friendship with Jennifer, but that she prioritized her role as her mother.

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