JLo and Ben Affleck upset the singer’s son when they kiss publicly

JLo and Ben Affleck upset the singer's son when they kiss publicly

The consistent presentations of love that Jennifer Lopez as well as Ben Affleck make publicly do not make one of the singer’s youngsters pleased. Max, kid of JLo and Marc Anthony, is uneasy with the screens of love that Bennifer carries out in public as well as would have made him discover.

According to info released by the National Enquirer, the son of “Jenny from the block” is disturbed by the kisses that the couple, that will commemorate 5 months of marital relationship, provide each other in public. A resource explained that the young adult does not see the need for his mommy to reveal himself to these scenes which he finds them “shameful” presentations.

When Max’s annoyance was evident was in mid-December, one of the celebrations. Affleck, Lopez and also the kid of the American made a buying trip to a shopping mall in Brentwood, in the car park of the location, the couple provided a passionate kiss while Max gave clear signs of discomfort as well as searched for where to locate the view of him.

“J.Lo and Ben were saying goodbye prior to avoiding on separate tasks, and also she would not allow him do without providing him a passionate kiss. You could see the discomfort on Max’s face when they were kissing. She simply transformed her back on him and fiddled with her mobile phone till they were done,” the source said.

The confidant closed his story by discussing that the couple is focused on doing “every little thing possible to unify their family members” which the On The Floor interpreter thinks that it is “healthy and balanced” for both their youngsters as well as those of the lead character of Gone Woman (2014) to see them reveal their mutual affection. “This way, youngsters can see that their love is real,” the source ended jokingly.

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