Jin Seon-gyu, the first solo lead in ‘Count’, “a movie I wanted to hold tight”

Jin Seon-gyu, the first solo lead in 'Count', a movie I wanted to hold tight

Jin Seon-gyu, who has been acting in eight colors, will once again try to transform his acting in his first solo lead role, ‘Count’.

‘Count’ is an Olympic boxing gold medalist, but now an ordinary high school physical education teacher draws the story of a boxing team with rebellious students.

Jin Seon-kyu has received favorable reviews for his performances in various roles, including a Korean-Chinese gangster in the movie ‘Crime City’, a drug squad detective in ‘Extreme Job’, a space garbage cleaner engineer in ‘Seungri-ho’, and a crime syndicate leader in ‘Confidential Cooperation 2’. come.

His role this time is Siheon, a teacher called ‘Crazy Dog’. Siheon, who remains stubborn after his retirement as a player, is a person who boils the insides of people around him with his My Way.

At the production briefing held at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall in Seoul on the 30th, Jin Seon-gyu recalled, “It was four years ago when I first received the scenario.

“This work has a lot of things related to me. The background of the movie is my hometown, Jinhae, and I got to play the role of a (professional) physical education teacher that I dreamed of before becoming an actor. It’s something I really wanted to do.”

Jin Seon-gyu has gained as much popularity as the lead role by brilliantly portraying the character he is responsible for in each of his appearances. He was known as an actor who was good at acting, but he was nervous and burdened with his first solo lead role, ‘Count’.

Jin Seon-gyu said, ”

In the play, Siheon’s lovely wife, ‘Ilseon’, is played by Oh Na-ra and shows off the chemistry of a real couple.

Oh Na-ra has a long relationship with Jin Seon-gyu. The two, who had been together on the stage of a play in the past, welcomed the feeling of happiness with their first chemistry in the movie.

“After hearing that Jin Seon-kyu was going to be with us, I thought we should definitely do it together. I remember performing on stage together 20 years ago, and later asked to see you in a movie, but I am so thrilled that the day has come when we can have a production briefing session together like this. “(Oh Na-ra) “When I was casting for the project, I thought it would be fun and happy because Oh Na- ra was with

me. Noona was an actress who accepted everything even if the other actor (acting) was wrong.” (Jin Seon-gyu)

Boxing player ‘Yoon-woo’ (Sung Yu-bin), who has been defeated, and ‘Hwan-ju’ (Jang Dong-joo), who ends up getting into a fight with teacher Si-heon on the ring, add fun and laughter to the work.

Although the movie is a comic drama, because it is based on the vigorous exercise of boxing, the cast members said that they received intense training two months before filming.

Jang Dong-joo said, “I was confident in my workouts because I was wrestling, but I thought boxing was the most difficult exercise out of all the exercises,” and looked back, saying, “It was very difficult.” Seong Yu-bin recalled, “It was difficult, but even after it was over, I thought about boxing a lot. She has a charm unique to boxing.”

Actor Ko Chang-seok, who has been attracting attention for his comical acting, plays a role like licorice by appearing as Siheon’s teacher and school principal in the past.

The movie ‘Count’ is a work in which the production team participated, which attracted 9.42 million viewers with the disaster escape action film ‘Exit’ (2019). It is also a new film by director Kwon Hyeok-jae, who directed ‘The Fixer’ (2010). The release was delayed due to the corona crisis, but we are coordinating the date to meet the audience next month.

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