Jennifer Lopez didn’t kiss Madonna at MTV in 2003 for this simple reason

Jennifer Lopez didn't kiss Madonna at MTV in 2003 for this simple reason

In 2003, Madonna immortalized a historic moment in music: She kissed Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera live during the award night of the MTV Music Awards, an unprecedented event for television, and although it is impossible to think of other options, the fact is that Aguilera was not the first choice but Jennifer Lopez.

Yes, “La Diva de Bronx” was the artist contemplated to do that kiss of three and although they were advanced in talks to perform that musical number, the now wife of Ben Affleck had to reject the offer for a very simple but powerful reason that left her unable to participate.

“We had met (her, Madonna and Britney to do it at her house,” he said in an interview for E! Online. “And then I just couldn’t get out of the movie, and so we couldn’t do it,” he explained about that opportunity. At that award ceremony, Madonna sang one of her most emblematic songs like a virgin and came out dressed as the groom, while the young women were the brides.

According to press reports, when JLo rejected the offer, the producers approached Christina, which matched perfectly, since Britney and she were the youth artists of the moment and there was even talk of a rivalry, in addition to the fact that they were world famous. and they were at the top of their careers.

“We had talked about it. I love Madonna. I am a great fan. I always have been, “said the artist. At that time, the interpreter of on the floor was in Canada filming a movie which made all options impossible and the possibility of having marked history next to the “Queen of Pop”.


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