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Jennifer Aniston & Kids: What The ‘Friends’ Star Has Said Over The Years About Not Having a Family

Jennifer Aniston is okay being on her delight in and has in overall expressed disdain for being repeatedly questioned about that resolution. Right here we break down the final moments the actress has spoken out about her choices.

Jennifer Aniston, 52, has famously by no methodology settled down with a family of her delight in. After years of scrutiny and questioning about her resolution to now not delight in children, we’ve gathered the final moments the Pals actress has spoken out against the rampant sexism still prevalent in our custom and how her now not having children shouldn’t even be a “notorious” thing to maintain in thoughts within the first home.

For her subsequent relationship, she wants things to happen naturally

Jennifer Aniston attends the 75th Anniversary celebration of NBC at Rockefeller Plaza, NY, 2002 (Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock).

For simply now, the Morning Dispute actress is single and delighted to be so — even even if her company delight in offered to home her up earlier than. “Now now not simply now,” she told radio host Howard Stern in October 2019 after he offered to search out a broad guy for her. “Nonetheless pay attention, I perfect don’t worship being home up. I don’t worship it. Detest it.”

Moreover, Jen additionally revealed to PEOPLE in June 2021 that she’s “fully [not]” drawn to the utilization of relationship apps. “I’m going to perfect follow the traditional ways of relationship. Having somebody query you out. That’s the map I’d decide it,” she dished to the outlet, additionally sharing that walking down the aisle for a third time is “now not” one thing she’s pondering.

“Oh God, I don’t know,” she joked. “I’m drawn to finding an ideally estimable associate and perfect dwelling an scrumptious existence and having fun with each and every other. That’s all we would possibly maybe possibly well still hope for. It doesn’t would possibly maybe possibly well still be etched in stone in simply documents.”

Her family and company delight in compelled her within the previous 

Jennifer Aniston arrives at the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards, 2020 (Shutterstock).

“Usually you would possibly maybe possibly well also’t abet members of the family or folk sending stuff over going, ‘What’s that this? You’re having a dinky bit one? Are you getting married?’” she added to PEOPLE in 2021. “It’s worship, ‘Oh, correct gosh, when and how a few years will it notify for you to brush apart that silliness?’” she quipped.

“I don’t delight in this model of checklist of things that will maybe well still be accomplished and if they’re now not checked then I’ve failed some part of my feminism, or my being a girl, or my value or my value as a girl,” she explained to the outlet. “I’ve birthed an excessive amount of things, and I maintain worship I’ve mothered many things. And I don’t maintain it’s exquisite to effect that stress on folk.”

… And she’s roughly over that stress 

Jennifer Aniston at the 4th Annual Patron of the Artists Awards, 2019 (Matt Baron/Shutterstock).

“[I don’t] worship [the pressure] that folk effect on me, on ladies — that you’ve failed yourself as a female on epic of you haven’t procreated. I don’t maintain it’s exquisite,” Jen talked about in an interview with Appeal to in December 2014. “You would possibly maybe possibly well now not delight in a baby advance out of your vagina, however that doesn’t mean you aren’t mothering — canines, company, company’ children.”

She added, “This repeatedly is alleged about me: that I modified into as soon as so career-driven and taking into account myself; that I don’t wish to be a mother, and how selfish that is.” The Cake actress additionally added to PEOPLE in 2014 that there are “an excessive amount of causes” somebody would possibly maybe possibly well now not be having children, “and maybe it’s one thing that no-one needs to keep in touch about.”

She’s delighted to maintain her delight in choices 

Jennifer Aniston pictured in 1998 (John Barrett/Shutterstock).

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter final December, Jen significant that she “previous to notify all of it very deepest,” however has since moved on. “It’s worship, ‘You do now not delight in any clue what’s going with me for my portion, medically, why I will’t … can I even delight in children?’ They don’t know one thing, and it modified into as soon as in actuality hurtful and perfect cross,” she explained.

“Although I haven’t considered a tabloid in so prolonged. Am I still having twins? Am I going to be the miracle mother at 52?” she talked about jokingly. “It’s the identical with Dolly Parton; Dolly Parton by no methodology had children. Nonetheless are folk giving her s–t for it? No, no person’s tried to effect her in a white wooden fence.” 

Moreover, the Dumplin actress wrote an beginning letter to The Huffington Publish in 2016 that clearly and beautifully made an announcement concerning the sexist double standards positioned on ladies with regard to having households and raising children. “We are complete with or with out a mate, with or with out a baby … that resolution is ours and ours alone,” she wrote. “We don’t would possibly maybe possibly well still be married or moms to be complete. We score to search out out our delight in ‘fortunately ever after’ for ourselves.”

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