Ivonne Montero’s daughter undergoes open heart surgery and this was the diagnosis

Ivonne Montero's daughter undergoes open heart surgery and this was the diagnosis

Ivonne Montero and her daughter, Antonella Melanitto, have not had a very good time in recent months, since both have experienced distressing moments due to the complete illness with which the little girl was born, which they have put her through several times in the operating room. However, the actress received good news from the doctors who are treating her girl From her.

A few weeks ago, the protagonist of Anita, don’t give up! She had commented in an interview that Antonella was showing some signs of heart problems , a situation that worried her and she turned to the doctors who assured her that the girl would need open heart surgery.

” They detected that there were certain changes, certain things, it would mean that the surgery was coming ,” the interpreter told El Universal. However, after undergoing several CT scans to find out if she needed the operation, the results showed that she had no problems at the moment. ” Blessed God, he can wait another year ,” said Ivonne .

According to the statements of the actress for the medium, her daughter’s problem arose after they corrected the heart anomaly with which she was born , where the two main arteries were in the same ventricle.

“When they made the correction, they separated the arteries and each one now has its ventricle, but as a result, she had a valve murmur left , which at the time of expanding, let’s say the pulmonary artery, this valve was short, so it has already a murmur and a valve prosthesis has to be placed, ”said the actress.

At the moment, the winner of The House of Celebrities 2 is calmer after her daughter’s new diagnosis. “They are trying to make her as big as possible in age and size, so she doesn’t have to continually go into surgery to change (that prosthesis) for size,” she added. In addition, Ella Montero stated that she will continue with the necessary care so that the little girl can continue a normal life. 


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