It’s Official: LOONA Will Make Their Announced Comeback On January 3, 2023

It's Official LOONA Will Make Their Announced Comeback On January 3, 2023

The turmoil that LOONA and its fandom have experienced these previous two weeks, the BlockBerry Creative tag validated that the team will return on January 3. It is not effectively known what the idea of this new era of the band will certainly have to do with, nor if it will certainly be a full cd or a mini-album, but what is understood is that it will certainly be the initial with 11 members after the expulsion of Chuu.

In the intro image you can see a lady’s hand holding a crystal ball with several colors, this is accompanied by the text “What’s Next? “, plus the day of the return, which will be January 3, 2023 at 6 PM (Korean time). LOONA made their most recent comeback this year with their fifth EP called “Flip That” which had six tracks.

This 2022 had plenty of activities for the members of LOONA, due to the fact that in the first semester of this year they existed in the Mnet program called “Queendom”, where various K-pop groups as well as musicians take on each other by finishing various tests.

They likewise visited the United States, Europe and also Latin America, seeing areas like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Kansas, Mexico City, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, to name a few cities.

Whatever looked great, nevertheless, later on abnormalities were recognized that were confirmed by the participants themselves. One of the most publicized situation emerged when Chuu took legal action against BlockBerry Creative, due to the fact that he had requested the cancellation of his agreement in 2021.

Controversy likewise developed when participant Yeojin confessed that she has not been paid considering that her launching. Lastly, the scandals that took place while the team carried out its tasks ended with a member expelled from the group as well as with 9 of the 11 participants who have actually asked for to suspend her agreements.

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