Isabella Castillo went through a lot of anger after her divorce from Matias Novia

Isabella Castillo went through a lot of anger after her divorce from Matias Novia

Before his connection with Michelle Renaud, which began greater than five months earlier, Matias Novoa was wed to Isabella Castillo, an actress that recently disclosed that she underwent several phases after her divorce as well as among they was anger.

The Cuban interpreter was married for two years with the lead character of Cabo; However, the green-eyed disclosed that after her splitting up she experienced a phase of anger, however not with her ex, yet as a result of the sensation of failure that the divorce triggered her.

Isabella has actually mentioned on several celebrations that for Matias she just has love, yet anger and after that unhappiness took her at that moment; currently everything seems to be in the past, since she is living an event with Gabriel Romero.

“I really feel that I am with a person that values me very much and also with whom I understand myself effectively and also appreciates me a lot. That fills me with a great deal of serenity and a lot of peace … I don’t wish to be in a relationship because that’s what the books claim that it ought to …”, added the interpreter.

Matias as well as Isabella fulfilled throughout the recordings of El Senor de los Cielos, everything started with good chemistry, after that a wonderful friendship and also from there they delved into love, and also after living together for several months, they were wed in May 2019 by civil law. Five months later they strolled down the aisle in a ceremony on a North Carolina ranch.

Lately Novia and also Raynaud posed together for the very first time with their respective children at the best of the movie Malvada, starring Michelle.

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