Irma Serrano, ‘La Tigresa’, passed away at the age of 89; she shone as an actress and singer

Irma Serrano, 'La Tigresa', passed away at the age of 89; she shone as an actress and singer

Irma Serrano, attractively known as “La Tigresa”, died early Wednesday early morning at the age of 89 as a result of an unexpected cardiovascular disease, according to what was reported by her sibling, Maria del Carmen Serrano

“I can validate that Mrs. Irma Serrano passed away at 89 years of age. She passes away in a health center in Tuxtla of cardiac arrest. She is being veiled and afterwards she will certainly go to CDMX to admire her at her Fru cinema … Her sister Maria Del Carmen Serrano confirmed the news to me, “clarified the reporter Maria Valdés Doria.

ANDI México announces the delicate death of interpreter companion Irma Serrano. Understood as ‘La Tigresa’, she was a Mexican singer, actress and politician with a long career.

Who was Irma Serrano ‘La Tigresa’?

Irma Consuelo Cielo Serrano Castro was born on December 9, 1933 in Comitán de Dominguez, Chiapas. She was a Mexican singer, actress as well as political leader, who in the 1960s established herself as one of one of the most preferred performers of ranchera music, without overlooking her movie profession.

The interpreter managed to gain acknowledgment on the big screen thanks to manufacturings such as Santo converse los zombies (1962 ); The additional (1962 ); Sharks (1963 ); The Lefty (1965 ); The Son of the Devil (1966 ); The revenge of Gabino Barrera (1967 ); The loves of Juan Charrasqueado (1968 ); La Martina (1972) and La Tigresa (1973 ), a duty that earned her the renowned nickname; although others verify that it was due to her excellent ability in ranchera songs.

The very first actress also wanted to check her capacities in politics as well as from 1994 to 2000 she was a deputy for Chiapas in the Mexican Senate, this being among one of the most controversial stages of her life, given that numerous criticized her little experience in connection with her position.

The loves of Irma Serrano.

Regardless of being recognized for her excellent talent on the planet of amusement, “La Tigresa” was involved in love conflicts for a long time, specifically with the emotional connection she had with the previous head of state of Mexico, Gustavo Diaz Ordaz, that supervised of the nation from 1964 to 1970.

According to what she herself proclaimed in her autobiographical publication, “A calzón amarrado”, she had an adulterous partnership with the former president. She even exposed that she as soon as serenaded Los Pinos with a mariachi.

Another love affair that caused wonderful controversy was the one she supposedly had with “El Pato” Zambrano, a previous member of Big Brother as well as that was 30 years her junior.

During that time, Zambrano was accused of being a scammer and a thief, given that they claimed that he acquired financial gain from said affair. On another celebration, Irma charged him of wanting to toxin her with a quesadilla, nevertheless, “El Pato” rejected it and also guaranteed that he always gave her honest love.

Another of the romance of “La Tigresa” was the one he had with Poncho de Nigris, another previous member of Big Brother. Although they were seen with each other in several interviews, he insisted that he never ever had a relationship with the popular actress. He aimed out that the gifts she provided him, he returned to reveal her that he had no material objectives.

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