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Idina Menzel Still Isn’t Over John Travolta’s Oscars Flub: ‘Not My Name’

Idina Menzel and John Travolta.
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An unforgettable 2nd! Idina Menzel went support in time to reflect on some of her well-liked roles via the years — and integrated one identify that even she silent doesn’t acknowledge.

“My identify is Idina, but they call me …#notmyname,” Menzel, 50, captioned a TikTok video on Thursday, January 27, while participating within the viral “Now not My Title” venture. In the clip, the song “That’s Now not My Title” played within the background as images of the the actress in persona flashed on the video music.

The put up began off alongside with her time on Broadway as Elphaba in Depraved, her portrayal of Maureen in Hire and her role as Lea Michele‘s mother on Glee. The video persisted with scenes of her as Nancy in Enchanted, Elsa in Disney’s Frozen, Vivian in Camila Cabello‘s rendition of Cinderella and Dinah in Uncut Gemstones.

Idina Menzel on her Instagram.
Courtesy Idina Menzel/Instagram(2)

The social media add ended with a immediate clip from her performer on the 86th Academy Awards in 2014, which used to be launched by John Travolta. Menzel captioned the 2nd “??????” as she poked fun at Travolta, 67, calling her Adele Dazeem earlier than she began singing “Let It Lunge” from Frozen.

When the flub took place, it immediately went viral. At the time, the Carrie actor issued an apology for his mistake.

“I’ve been beating myself up all day,” he acknowledged in a statement to Us Weekly in March 2014. “Then I plan … What would Idina Menzel deliver? She’d deliver, ‘Let it trudge, let it trudge!’ Idina is amazingly talented and I’m so tickled Frozen took home two Oscars [on] Sunday evening!”

The singer, for her fragment, admitted that the ride “threw” her off earlier than she took the stage.

“But then I correct got support on map and reminded myself of the save I used to be, and what a handsome 2nd it used to be,” the Seashores actress explained to Billboard that same month, noting that Travolta reached out to her privately to deliver sorry. “He used to be truly tremendous and despatched this handsome electronic mail, and we’re pals and it’s all cool. Please. I mean, I’ve most efficient benefited from it!”

The Sleek York native later referred to the snafu as “the finest mistake” that ever came about to her, telling Redbook in November 2014, “Moral having the form of success the save of us could maybe well know my identify — my precise identify! It took me a truly very long time to conclude chasing it and correct embody it.”

All the blueprint in which via the 2015 Academy Awards, Menzel joined in on the fun by referring to Travolta as “Glom Gazingo” after they equipped the Oscar for Finest Long-established Song collectively.

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