IATSE Says It Remains “Very Far Apart” On Terms For A New Film & TV Contract With AMPTP

IATSE leaders say they remain “very far apart” on a wide range of issues in their negotiations with management’s AMPTP for a new film and TV contract.

“After more than six weeks of negotiation over a period of four months, it remains clear that the employers are unwilling to resolve our priority issues – living wages, reasonable rest, meal breaks, sustainable benefits and streaming – aka ‘not so new media,’” IATSE president Matthew Loeb and leaders of the union’s 13 West Coast studio locals said today in a message to their members.

“Despite first person testimonials, specific examples and our multiple counter proposals in response to the employers’ stated concerns, we remain very far apart,” they said. “We have made some progress, but the employers have indicated they have done all they need to do.”

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The current contract, which had been set to expire on July 31, was extended to Sept. 10 to allow time for the producers and Hollywood’s unions to work out an agreement on guidelines for mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations.

“We are fighting for core union principles: a living wage for the lowest paid among us, health and safety for those members who suffer abuse working unsafe hours or days without breaks, and the fulfillment of an unkept promise to share streaming success,” the union leaders said. “We continue to be ready, willing, and able to reach consensus with our employers on these issues. However, if the employers refuse to engage in substantive negotiations, refuse to change the culture by managing the workflow, and refuse to put human interests before corporate profits, the failure to reach an agreement will be their choice.”

In addition to Loeb, the message was signed by:

Tobey Bays, business agent, Prop Local 44

Thom Davis, business agent, Grips Local 80

Rebecca Rhine, national executive director, Cinematographers Guild Local 600

Scott Bernard, business representative, Sound Local 695

Cathy Repola, national executive director, Editors Guild Local 700

Adam West, business representative, Costumers Local 705

Randy Sayer, business agent, Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild Local 706

Greg Reeves, business representative-secretary, Set Lighting Local 728

Robert D. Denne, business representative/secretary-treasurer, Set Painters Local 729

Chuck Parker, national executive director, Art Directors Guild Local 800

Patric Abaravich, business agent, Script Supervisors Local 871

Doug Boney, business agent, Studio Teachers Local 884

Richard Stanley, executive director, Costume Designers Guild Local 892

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