Humberto Zurita attributes romance with Stephanie Salas to a paranormal phenomenon

Humberto Zurita attributes romance with Stephanie Salas to a paranormal phenomenon

Humberto Zurita offered an interview again under the watchful eye of Stephanie Salas in which he talked about his recent love affair with the actress, which was only confirmed at the end of 2022. The actor attributed his death to a paranormal phenomenon . romance with Luis Miguel’s ex-partner.

At the beginning of 2023, the actor couple appeared before the media for the first time to talk about their work and the relationship that keeps them happy. Recently, the actor from La reina del sur  repeated the action and, with Salas standing next to him,  revealed that he firmly believes that his new love bond was born thanks to his deceased wife.

In an interview with the De Primera Mano program , Zurita explained that Christian Bach, the mother of his children who died in 2019, acted as a kind of cupid . Stephanie Salas maintained a long friendship with the Argentine actress , which makes the actor think that she, after her death, performed a supernatural action to unite them as a couple.

“I was thinking about it the other day, it’s very curious, but I do believe that Christian has a lot to do with Stephanie. She loved Stephanie very much, Stephanie loved her, and they knew each other very well. Stephanie and I met again and I think it was a little feather that Christian dropped somewhere . He wanted to see us together, ”the actor confessed, sure that his ex had a paranormal action to reunite him with his current girlfriend.

Zurita was also consulted for the fourth anniversary of Bach’s death, which will be commemorated on February 26. The actor announced that he does not expect to do anything special, because his family is spread around the world with work obligations. “ Right now my youngest son is finishing a job in the Canary Islands, the oldest is now going back to Australia ”, he explained.

“I will be here and now that the 26th falls, we will not be together, I may be working, but she is in our hearts and I will always upload something beautiful, beautiful photos of her for the public that loves her so much and he continues to express his affection and his love for Christian ”, Zurita closed before the always watchful eye of Stephanie Salas.

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