The “Netflix Party” Chrome Extension Lets You Have Virtual Movie Nights With Friends

Virtual Love Is Blind watch party, anyone?

The "Netflix Party" Chrome Extension Lets You Have Virtual Movie Nights With Friends
The “Netflix Party” Chrome Extension Lets You Have Virtual Movie Nights With Friends
  • If you’re social distancing, but still want to feel connected to your friends and family, Netflix Party is a new, free, Chrome extension that allows you to stream together.
  • Below we show you how to install Netflix Party on your computer or iPad.

If you’re cooped up getting your social distancing on, it’s likely that you’ve already turned to Netflix to fill-up some of your newfound free-time. And why wouldn’t you with streaming service’s endless content. There’s Toy Boy, Outlander, Love Is Blind, a slew of Korean dramas, Prince…we can keep going?

But quarantining also means you’re probably separated from friends and family. The same friends and family who would typically be all for a Homecoming watch party, but are currently stuck in their homes—away from you. But if you really have the urge to gab and bond with loved ones over some Netflix, there’s a nifty trick that’ll help you do just that: Netflix Party.

It’s a new Google Chrome extension that “synchronizes video playback and adds group chat to your favorite Netflix shows.” Basically you and anyone else who downloads it can watch anything you like together at the exact same time, no matter how far you are from each other, provided you both have Netflix accounts.

Are you looking to watch something that makes you happy or moody?

But just in-case, here’s a step-by-step of how to download the Chrome extension for yourself.

  • Go to and click “Get Netflix Party for Chrome.”
  • That will take you to Chrome’s Web Store. You’ll then click “Add to Chrome” which will prompt you to “Add Extension.”
  • You’ll then see the “NP” icon on the upper right hand side of your screen.
  • Pick any film or movie you want. Click the “NP” icon and copy and paste the url of your selection.
  • Click “Copy URL” and then send that link to any friend you like.
  • When they open the link, voilà, they’ll see exactly what you do.
  • As @asmaticc said, “Happy Netflixing and stay safe.”

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