How to Use in a Bikini Trimmer, According to Dermatologists

How to Use in a Bikini Trimmer, According to Dermatologists

Regardless of if you wax, cut, epilate, or trim, there’s lots of area for error. Certainly, no one intends to take care of a trim failed down there. That’s why finding out how to use a bikini trimmer properly is essential.

” It is essential to use a bikini trimmer appropriately due to the fact that shaving inaccurately with a razor can increase the risk of ingrown hairs and also cutting inflammation by harshly scraping against the skin,” claims Heather Woolery-Lloyd, MD, a Board-Certified Dermatologist in Miami. “Bikini leaners are less most likely to create this problem due to the fact that they cut the hair without the blades scraping versus the skin.”

Hair and also skin on the body is really different from hair and also skin in the pubic area, which is why the area needs unique focus. “Shaving pubic hair with the wrong tools can raise the risk of cutting bumps, in-grown hairs, dry skin, itching during redness, irritation and also regrowth,” Woolery-Lloyd states. “In my practice, ingrown hairs in the pubic area are extra typical than anywhere else on the body. Clients discover this problem both uneasy as well as unpleasant. Making use of a thorough method is an excellent way to help in reducing the danger of usual shaving problems. It is very important to use products that prep, shield, cut and maintain healthy skin in sensitive locations like the pubic area.”

A common blunder that Woolery-Lloyd sees is sharing someone else’s razor, a major no-no. “Some people seem like they can use their companion’s beard/face trimmer on the pubic area however that is not the situation,” she warns. “Pubic hair is generally coarser as well as requires a trimmer designed for that sort of hair.”

To obtain the cleanest bikini line in the most safe way possible, we counted on dermatologists to share precisely just how to use a bikini trimmer.

Preparation Your Skin

Getting your skin prepared before you whip out your bikini trimmer is key to decreasing the capacity for friction or irritability of the skin. “Typically, this is best done by delicately cleaning the skin and maintaining the hairs damp, which helps soften the hairs,” Garshick says. “For a person prone to ingrowns as well as breakouts, it may aid to use an antibacterial wash to lower prospective germs, such as a benzoyl peroxide laundry like Panoxyl, or other antibacterial laundries like Betadine Surgical Scrub or Hibiclens. In addition, scrubing with a mild exfoliant prior to cutting can be practical to remove dead skin cells and also this can be done by using a salicylic acid consisting of cleanser, such as Neutrogena Acne Body Wash or CeraVe SA Cleanser.” Make sure to stay clear of severe scrubs, though, as they can aggravate the skin.

Those susceptible to ingrown hair will particularly benefit from mild exfoliation. “Venus for Pubic Hair & Skin Smoothing Exfoliant is a great option since it includes mild scrubing fragments to assist smooth the skin,” Woolery-Lloyd states. “It also does not have actually ingredients like included fragrance and also dye which can often be irritating in delicate areas. It can be used prior to cutting yet also in between cuts to assist avoid ingrown hairs.”

Use the Right Bikini Trimmer For You

Having the right tools is vital. That’s why Woolery-Lloyd recommends looking for a bikini trimmer with a guard that secures the skin from inflammation, considering that trimmers that have blades that scrape straight against the skin enhance the danger of inflammation and also ingrown hairs.

” It can be handy to try to find a trimmer that has an attachment especially created for the bikini location, provided the skin is more sensitive as well as the angles can make it more difficult,” states Marisa Garshick, MD, FAAD, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City. “If space is an issue, it can be useful to discover one that is portable as well as cordless, making it very easy to use and also store. Some are waterproof, making it easy to use in the shower. Some might likewise have actually an LED light to far better imagine the hairs.”

Due to the fact that it’s simple and also small, Woolery-Lloyd’s preferred bikini trimmer is the Venus for Pubic Hair & Skin Gentle Trimmer (she is a speaker for the brand). “It can be made use of in the shower, making it hassle-free since most people cut while in the shower,” she claims. “It is likewise particularly created for thick hair.”

Garshick’s choice is the Philips Bikini Perfect Women’s Rechargeable Electric Trimmer. “This easy-to-use trimmer can be made use of wet or dry, offering the option to use in or out of the shower,” she says. “The different add-ons help make certain that the hair is eliminated specifically and securely.”

One more of her go-to’s is the Panasonic Bikini Shaper and Trimmer for Women, which is especially helpful for those with sensitive skin. It uses a stainless-steel blade and is light-weight, making it easy to use as well as steer also in hard-to-reach areas. One more bonus offer: It’s cordless, thus fantastic for traveling or on-the-go.

Read the Instructions Carefully

Exactly how to use a bikini trimmer differs from version to version. “Some trimmers might advise use on dry hair, so make sure to follow the tag as well as use as routed,” Dr. Garshick claims. “Some trimmers may be utilized with cutting cream, in which instance cutting cream should be used before use as it decreases the potential rubbing which can otherwise result in irritation.”

Opt for the Grain

” While going against the grain or growth of the hair might seem to lead to a more efficient trim, it is suggested to trim the hairs towards the hair growth, as opposed to against the grain, to minimize the possibility for in-grown hairs and razor bumps,” Dr. Garshick says. In addition, be sure to prevent entering multiple different instructions, given that this can be bothersome.

Treat Your Skin Afterwards

Rinse the area thoroughly as well as rub completely dry, and after that apply a post-shave topical item to decrease irritability and also pain. “It is best to apply a mild non-comedogenic moisturizing cream or cream, such as Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion or Dove Body Love Sensitive Care Body Lotion to the skin to assist soothe the skin without leading to breakouts,” Dr. Garshick claims.

Dr. Woolery-Lloyd describes that post-shave products aid to bring back the skin obstacle and maintain the skin hydrated. “Also, if you are prone to shaving irritability, stay clear of tight suitable garments right after shaving that can irritate the area,” she adds.

Tidy the trimmer

Among the most usual errors is not maintaining the trimmer tidy. “Choosing a trimmer that is very easy to clean frequently is necessary to prevent possible infection,” Woolery-Lloyd says.

To guarantee it’s all set to go with next time, it’s finest to clean the bikini trimmer instantly after each use and alter the blade if essential. “People typically fail to remember to tidy or change their blades, which can impact the efficiency, make it much more unpleasant and also contribute to irritation or infections,” Garshick says.

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