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What to Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

What to Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions
What to Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

In case your beauty routine consists of things like curling lashes and applying a number of layers of mascara—information flash—it’s possible you’ll be wasting your time.

Enter: Lash extensions, semi-permanent fibers which might be individually utilized to every strand of your natural lashes to offer you longer, fuller lashes, and improve your general look by lifting, elongating, and opening the attention, says Clementina Richardson, a celeb lash professional and founding father of Envious Lashes.

These fibers—typically artificial, fake mink, or silk—are available in quite a lot of completely different sizes starting from 6mm to 18mm, says Richardson, with a couple of curl width choices as effectively. For a full set, most individuals want 80 to 150 lashes to create natural quantity.

Sounds time-consuming. Why not use false lashes instead?

“Most individuals don’t notice that applying lash extensions is an artwork,” says Richardson. “It’s not one dimension suits all. Since everybody has a special face form and bone construction, it is vital for girls to grasp that lash extensions are an enhancement of your personal natural lashes.”

A licensed and authorized lash professional will customise every set of eyelash extensions for the person shopper, utilizing wherever from three to 5 completely different lengths and as much as two completely different curvatures, says Richardson.

So how long do eyelash extensions last?

Utility is expensive (essentially the most primary full set at Envious Lashes prices $105) and does take a while—wherever from one to 2 hours relying on the specified quantity—But, with correct care, lash extensions ought to last for as much as six weeks, says Richardson.

“Extensions will shed along with your natural hair development cycle, which is usually each six to eight weeks,” says Richardson. “Refills are a good way to increase the lifetime of your lashes and are really useful each two to 3 weeks.”

Is there anything you can do to prolong this?

As a result of lash extensions are utilized to your natural lashes and observe your natural hair development cycle, they may finally shed—it doesn’t matter what you do. But there are some steps you’ll be able to take to keep away from untimely breakage.

Upon software, avoid steam and wetting your lashes for the primary 48 hours. “You possibly can, in fact, wash your face and take a bathe—simply guarantee that no water touches your lashes,” says Richardson.

Skip oil-based merchandise and heavy lotions across the eyes whilst you have eyelash extensions. And ditch the mascara—particularly waterproof mascara—because it’s onerous to take away and may trigger breakage, says Richardson.

You also needs to chorus from rubbing your eyes, utilizing a mechanical eyelash roller, and standing below the bathe head for a protracted period of time, she says.

But it surely’s not all about things you’ll be able to’t do. To maintain eyelash extensions in tip-top form, you must gently brush them with a spoolie now and again, then apply a conditioning serum. You also needs to sleep in your aspect and use a silk or satin pillowcase to forestall drying or snagging, says Richardson.

But—wait—will extensions ruin my natural lashes?

As a result of software requires exact work round such a fragile space of your face, it is vital to seek out somebody who’s licensed to use lashes, says Richardson. In some states, the stylist additionally must be licensed.

“If you happen to go to an inexperienced lash stylist, chances are high, you are going to find yourself with uneven, clumpy trying lashes,” says Richardson. “Even worse, they will injury your natural lashes, which might additionally forestall regrowth.”

But with correct software, eyelash extensions is not going to ruin your natural lashes, assures Richardson. Simply be mild with them—in case you rub the realm, the extensions might fall out or pull out no matter hair they’re connected to, she says.

So… are they value it?

yelash extensions are expensive and require repairs, But they provide your eye natural quantity that renders mascara pointless. If you happen to apply make-up commonly, this can be a particular time-saver worthy of the dedication.

But, in case you hardly ever put on make-up or aren’t capable of commonly keep your set of extensions, you would possibly wish to sit this beauty therapy out.

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