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Hot EFM Package: Jean Claude Van Damme’s Final Action Film; Muscles From Brussels Battles Past Movie Opponents In Cross Creek’s ‘What’s My Name?’

EXCLUSIVE: In a hot equipment for EFM merchants this weekend, Jean-Claude Van Damme will star in What’s My Title? Directed by Jeremy Zag, the film will likely be produced by Monstrous Creek’s Tyler Thompson, alongside Zag and Van Damme. Monstrous Creek is totally financing a film that will reunite the scuffling with icon in matches against some of his past cover rivals.

Lundgren, Van Damme

Van Damme tells Chop-off date that What’s My Title? will dip into his cinematic and private lifestyles — as did the 2008 film JCVD — and that this would possibly perchance simply sigh to an dwell his lengthy profession as an circulation film fighter. Oscar-winning Inexperienced Book scribe Chop Vallelonga and Paul Sloan (Stilleto) wrote the script, primarily based on a chronicle by Van Damme. Wild Bunch World is dealing with distant places gross sales and CAA Media Finance is representing the film’s home distribution rights.

Jean-Claude Van Damme, Michel Qissi

In the film, Van Damme will play himself. Left in a coma following a serious car accident, he wakes up with amnesia, unrecognizable to everybody, alongside side himself. Thru a collection of fights against iconic opponents from at some point of his legendary profession, Van Damme begins a quest for his hold identity and lifestyles which device. This leads him to 1 closing match. Zag produced the bright collection Miraculous: Tales of Lady Malicious program and Cat Noir.

“I needed to depart the stage nonetheless with a revisit of my profession, starting with Bloodsport, the one where I began to turn out to be infamous,” Van Damme told Chop-off date. “I desire this to be a contemporary Bloodsport, nonetheless on the next stage. In the film, I’m on my manner down in phrases of profession, and as I attain out of a premiere of one other circulation film, I’m no longer elated for that reason of I’ve been living in hotels the past 30 years, which is genuinely trusty. We’re going to sigh trusty aspects from my trusty lifestyles, and what came about to me. I came from Belgium, all the manner to Hollywood. I succeeded, I failed, I came support. So, I’m walking out on the boulevard after the premiere, and snarl, a car hits me for that reason of I’m inebriated. After I bag up from the impact, I don’t know what’s my name, and no-one acknowledges me.”

Acknowledged Zag: “He’s trapped in this Hold-22 where his heart is his most though-provoking data and that boulevard will lead him by a lumber that gains lots of fights, in what’s going to likely be an true circulation mainstream film where we address JC as an true human gigantic hero.”

What’s stress-free is that for Van Damme the character to derive his mojo, he’ll fight most of the on-cover opponents that made him a star for his acrobatic excessive-flying model. That likely will consist of Popular Soldier‘s Dolph Lundgren, Kickboxer‘s Tong Po (Michel Qissi) and Double Impact‘s Bolo Yeung (who costarred alongside Bruce Lee in Enter The Dragon and composed is in ravishing shape).

Zag said that they will shoot this in Paris, in surprising locations adore the catacombs under the Opera of Paris, where he’ll square off against the nemeses of his lengthy cover profession.

Double Impact: Bolo Yeung, Van Damme

“I grew up staring at JC and desire contemporary audiences to attain the identical thing, and when he stands against Tong Po, he’ll notify to flashback in his mind, and we can reproduce among the most categorical fights from some of his biggest motion images.”

Van Damme — who at 61 can composed attain that unbelievable sever up he showed off with a foot on two lots of absorbing Volvo trucks — said he’s getting ready to place apart in the wanted laborious practising in different international locations to bag himself ready for his last hurrah. “We are getting all the iconic of us I fought and possess most of them attain support,” he said. “The total UFC opponents grew up staring at my motion images, and we can possess some of those immense champions as opponents, and a few as managers adore Randy Couture. We’ll possess a immense mix and the fights would possibly perchance possess an true feel to them.”

As for what he’ll attain after throwing that last spinning hook kick, Van Damme has deliberate it out.

Bolo Yeung, Jean-Claude Van Damme

I’m canceling every thing to bag in shape, and after this film, I’ve sold a small boat,” he said. “No longer a immense boat, that’s no longer for me. Nonetheless I desire to head world huge, and loosen up. “I work all my lifestyles, I stay all my lifestyles in hotels for 30 years. That each will likely be explained in the film, how I change into a ways-off from my family. After this, I desire to loosen up and admire my lifestyles and family, for that reason of lifestyles goes by fast.”

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