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‘HIMYF’ EPs Reveal ‘Nothing Is Set In Stone’ As To Who The Father Is

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The ‘How I Met Your Father’ hunch has begun. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the solid and creators referring to the identification of the daddy, getting Kim Cattrall on board, and what to await.

How I Met Your Mother is one of TV’s most loved comedies. The fresh spinoff, How I Met Your Father, premieres January 18 and revolves around a girl named Sophie telling her son the narrative of how she met his father. The identification of the mummy on How I Met Your Mother changed into the final thriller till the cease, and the HIMYF EPs knowledgeable HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that the identification of the daddy isn’t a finished deal staunch but.

“We didn’t know exactly who the daddy changed into after we began writing,” Elizabeth Berger knowledgeable HollywoodLife. “Now we’ve had a season to stay with these characters, and we are starting to gather notions and starting to formulate a scheme in our heads. Isaac [Aptaker] and I are polishing off our final year on This Is Us, and it’s a reward where we were indubitably schooled in having a scheme and intellectual where you’re going. We’re with out a doubt hold of bringing those classes to this one. Nonetheless yeah, nothing is living in stone but. Nonetheless issues are starting to tackle shut shape.”

The forged of ‘How I Met Your Father.’ (Hulu)

Francia Raisa, who performs Sophie’s easiest friend Valentina, is “continuously” asking the writers referring to the identification of the daddy. “They haven’t knowledgeable me nonetheless because I retain prying I don’t exclaim they are going to, which is stressful. So I gotta derive diversified avenues. I’m changing into friends with many of the writers so…” Francia said.

By the cease of the season, Tom Ainsley, who performs Charlie, admitted that “there were with out a doubt folk I exclaim we were rooting for. You’ll stay up for the length of the season how Sophie’s narrative hold of develops, nonetheless there changed into a second in the direction of the cease of the season, I tackle shut into consideration all of us hold of grew to alter into to one one more and went, ‘Oh, she’s chosen the rotten one there. No, I wouldn’t hold finished that.’ So we’re with out a doubt rooting for any individual.

Sophie’s son within the break shall be being kept hidden for now. In the customary series, Lyndsy Fonseca and David Henrie played Ted Mosby’s kids. Isaac revealed that they haven’t determined who is taking part in Sophie’s son but. “That’s piece of why we desired to develop the flip of it and indubitably focal point on Kim [Cattrall],” Isaac said. “Now we hold got the son as an off-display cowl cowl presence till very, very deep within the series. So expectantly, we hold years sooner than we ought to always exclaim of what he seems to be to be delight in.”

Hilary Duff and Chris Lowell in ‘How I Met Your Father.’ (Hulu)

Kim performs the older model of Sophie within the Hulu series. Isaac admitted that Hilary Duff and Elizabeth wanted Kim from the starting set nonetheless getting her felt “unrealistic and inconceivable.” He added, “After which we were staunch so lucky. She replied to the cloth, she agreed to gather on the Zoom with us. We roughly talked her by the scheme for the existing and the character. After which about a weeks later, she walked onto our soundstage and staunch exceeded all of our expectations. The entire forged came in that day. They weren’t working, nonetheless they came in precisely to hang out at the displays and take a look at her work. It changed into very frigid.”

How I Met Your Father takes living within the identical universe as How I Met Your Mother, and the ingenious team isn’t ruling out cameos from the customary series stars. “It’s completely conceivable,” Isaac knowledgeable HollywoodLife. “I indicate, I exclaim that’s so frigid. Except for the storytelling instrument, the foremost connection between the two shows are that we’re living within the identical model of New York Metropolis. So which manner that the potentialities are endless for our characters to injurious by areas from the customary existing or encounter entirely random, deep, ancillary background characters or one of the series regulars. It’s all on the table.” New episodes of How I Met Your Father will fall Tuesdays on Hulu.

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