Heath Ledger’s daughter bears a striking resemblance to her late father

Heath Ledger's daughter bears a striking resemblance to her late father

After his fatality at the age of 28, the skilled Heath Ledger left a daughter birthed as a result of his connection with actress Michelle Williams. When the unfortunate occasion took place in 2008, Matilda Ledger was just two years old. Today, at 17, she looks the same to the lead character of Brokeback Mountain (2005) and her grandpa claims that the resemblances exceed her physical look.

It’s been nearly 15 years given that Heath Ledger lost his life from an unexpected overdose while at his apartment or condo in New York City. The star, who suffered physical and mental exhaustion for months, left behind a daughter who is now a teen and is the spitting image of his father.

The young student makes few public looks, but the paparazzi are constantly in search of any kind of glimpse of Matilda’s development, who inherited her dad’s bumpy blonde hair as well as solid facial attributes. Nevertheless, Kim Ledger, the girl’s grandpa and the actor’s father, acknowledged a couple of months ago that the resemblance did not quit at that point.

“She has a remarkable amount of her mannerisms. She’s extremely interested, she has the power from her, because Heath never ever rested since she was 2 and Matilda resembles that … I mean, she just has this sphere of power as well as she radiates this little aura. Heath was a bit like that, it’s something truly remarkable,” the young woman’s grandpa informed The Project magazine.

Ledger’s influence on Matilda is additionally noticeable in the young adult’s taste for chess, one of the favorite pastimes of the lead character of A Knight’s Heart (2001 ).” Heath was obsessed with chess, and also now Matilda is obtaining pretty good at it. She even has her father’s old chessboard,” a source near Ledger revealed.

Matilda currently resides in New York, the same city where her father died, and also shares a house with her mommy, stepfather Thomas Kail and a two-year-old little brother. According to information from Daily Mail, in recent months the trainee has allow him understand her desires to take a trip to Australia to see the lands where the renowned interpreter grew up.

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