Harry and William feared that Camila was the evil stepmother and asked Carlos not to get married.

Harry and William feared that Camila was the evil stepmother and asked Carlos not to get married.

Prince Harry and William begged Carlos not to marry Camila for fear that she was his “evil stepmother” . The Duke of Sussex told the story in “Spare”, his memoir that will be on sale next Tuesday and that the British newspapers already have in his possession to deliver advances.

Harry relives in the text the moment when he was first introduced to the queen consort. Both he and William called her “the other woman” and met her separately before Carlos integrated her into her family.

Harry says that seeing her was akin to getting an injection: “This is nothing. Close your eyes and you won’t even feel it . ”

The duke says that during the meeting Camila seemed bored, she repeated several times that it was a mere formality and that she felt ignored when she told him that “he was not the heir nor an important obstacle”. They ended up talking about horses.

the evil stepmother

Harry tells in the book that he pondered for a long time whether Camila would one day be his “evil stepmother” . And he explains that he and her brother were willing to “forgive her in her hearts” if she could make Carlos happy .

“We saw that Camila was not like us. We were able to recognize the absent looks, the empty sighs, the frustration always visible on her face,” he explained.

Harry says that he and his brother promised the current King Carlos III that they would welcome Camila. But they only asked him in exchange for her not to marry her . “We begged him not to marry a second time after our mother died, but our father didn’t answer ,” Harry said.

William and Harry feared that Diana would be unfairly compared to Camilla . But, despite this, both were in the campaign for the wedding and for Camila to become queen.

Carlos married Camila in 2005 . Last year, Queen Elizabeth II said that she sincerely wanted Camila to assume the title of queen consort that she holds today.

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