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‘Harmony From The Heart’s Jessica Lowndes: This Film Has Been A ‘Labor Of Love’

Jessica Lowndes stars within the new GAC Family film ‘Solidarity From The Coronary heart.’ HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the actress about rising her ardour challenge from the bottom up, writing usual song for the movie, and more.

Solidarity From The Coronary heart came straight from Jessica Lowndes’ coronary heart. It used to be the first script she ever wrote, and now it’s premiering on GAC Family on February 12. The film follows musical therapist Violet who crosses paths with a doctor named Blake, performed by Jesse Metcalfe. Violet and Blake don’t look inquire of-to-inquire of firstly about Blake’s grandfather, but they soon salvage a deep and lasting connection.

HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Jessica about this “labor of adore” and the foundation within the again of it. She moreover unfolded about writing usual song for the film that can play all 300 and sixty five days round. Be taught our Q&A below:

Jessica Lowndes in ‘Solidarity From The Coronary heart.’ (GAC Family)

What impressed you to jot down Solidarity From The Coronary heart

Jessica Lowndes: I was no doubt impressed a couple years again because I had a unusual pilot 300 and sixty five days with performing where I kept auditioning and auditioning and getting callbacks and getting all of the vogue down to the closing two and I wasn’t reserving. I didn’t know what used to be happening. I knew that I’ve progressively loved to jot down. I’ve been writing song my complete existence. I’ve been writing poetry. I’ve been writing fast reports. So I compelled myself to transfer home every evening and write for an hour real to remind myself why I got into this industrial within the first space. I no doubt include long past on to sell other scripts and fabricate other motion photos no doubt prior to this one, but this one used to be the very first script I ever wrote. It used to be a labor of adore. I wrote it four years within the past, and it used to be remedy for me. On the time, I didn’t write it to sell it or fabricate it real into a film. I real wrote it to deliver myself I could possibly well moreover attain it and I absolutely fell in adore with the final route of. After I was interested by what I wished to jot down, I figured why no longer write about my two loves to play. I no doubt love adore, and I no doubt love song. I advance from a no doubt musical family, so moderately about a this movie hits no doubt terminate to home. So I dedicated this movie to my grandmother. There’s a total memoir point all during the film about my persona’s grandmother. That’s certainly one thing that I resonate with, and I no doubt named my persona after my big-grandmother. After which, after I was talking to my mom, who’s a piano teacher, but every other musical impact in my existence, she acknowledged if she didn’t educate piano she used to be no doubt interested by song remedy. I did more examine, and I went down the rabbit hole. There’s one net space where I real kept studying contributors’s inside most reports, and I was absolutely blown away. I’d never seen a film about it, and I’ve carried out a bunch of on the sort of vogue. In general, it’s a girl that’s saving a city or saving a pageant, but I wished to jot down about saving a human being in a intention and give it this depth and this backstory. I judge it’s one thing that contributors aren’t making an attempt forward to, but I wished to restful fabricate it light and fine. I wished it to be a yarn about hope, so I no doubt hope contributors can pick that some distance flung from this.

Is the persona of Violet impressed by the girls on your existence? 

Jessica Lowndes: She used to be impressed by the final sturdy girls in my existence. I moreover judge for the time being, I knew what it used to be desire to include a dream and did now not know if it used to be no doubt going to happen. It roughly mirrored what used to be happening with my performing occupation at the time. Be pleased, what’s happening? I’m no longer reserving these roles, so I judge I wished to jot down a yarn about a girl that used to be pursuing her targets and there had been boundaries in a intention but she never gave up. That’s the theme of this complete script because even the truth that I wrote it four years within the past and it took four years to salvage made, there had been so many moments along this trot after I did judge to pitch it to varied networks and studios and all the pieces. There had been moderately about a contributors asserting no. It might possibly possibly well moreover had been no doubt easy for me real to prevent and judge, k, here is rarely any longer what I intended to attain, but I no doubt believed in it. I absolutely adore to jot down, and it’s this form of big ardour of mine. After which being ready to jot down the final usual song used to be moreover a dream advance elegant. It used to be a no doubt frigid thing for me to shoot in Vancouver where I’m from. That used to be awesome and no doubt special. It’s the first time that I’ve been so fingers-on and inclined so many hats. I was the manager producer. I was obviously in it to boot. There had been moderately about a keen ingredients and moderately about a accountability and challenges at cases, but that’s what makes it so rewarding. I wasn’t even sure staring at the closing product… I was love, oh my gosh, it’s going to be no doubt laborious because I’m carrying so many hats. Am I going to lift terminate it apart? I didn’t know. The vital time I saw the first edit, this has never even occurred on other motion photos that I don’t write, but I was ready to relax and like it and search for it love a same old film. I’m no doubt proud of it. I no doubt wanted to fabricate an even making an attempt film, and I didn’t desire it to understand cheesy. I wished every regarded as horny and magnificent. I couldn’t include asked for the next director. Michael Robison killed it. Randall Platt is the most productive EP ever that I’ve ever labored with. He makes all the pieces understand real so magnificent. I’m no doubt, no doubt proud of this.

Where did writing the song advance in all during the enchancment route of of this?

Jessica Lowndes: After I first wrote this script, I wrote it as a Christmas thought. I believed it would be Christmas carols and an usual Christmas song. After which about a years into it, I was love I haven’t seen many motion photos of the sort of vogue within the Valentine’s Day set up. That makes it no doubt fun because that it is probably you’ll well moreover write usual adore songs within the movie that can play all 300 and sixty five days lengthy, so I did a rewrite. After I was brainstorming the principle song “11: 11” I knew that I had that a yarn point all during the film. It used to be no doubt special. I look 11: 11 the final time and I progressively fabricate a desire. I believed it would be frigid to tie that into her relationship with her grandmother as a stamp that her grandmother’s with her. I wished to play into the final 11: 11 fabricate a desire, and that’s why the chorus is the final belongings you desire that it is probably you’ll well moreover convey to somebody, but you’re too apprehensive to advise it.

Is this the first time you’ve labored with Jesse? 

Jessica Lowndes: Right here is our first time. I was so angry to include him on board. I’ve been a huge fan of his work, but I’m moreover a huge fan of his song. He’s this form of proficient singer and guitar player. I had written Dr. Blake William, a backstory where he aged to be in a band, and I loved that arc where he starts out as skeptic and frosty. After which as the memoir develops, and as he opens his coronary heart, you learn more about him and what he’s long past through in his existence and the wretchedness that every those characters fragment and what they’ve been through and what they’ve in frequent. I love how at the tip he starts singing. It’s this form of good ending to the film. It used to be so fun to carry out “It Had To Be You” with him. We got to enter the studio the first weekend we had been taking pictures in Vancouver and insist that duet. It used to be a huge bonding ride. I loved how great he cared about this persona. He wanted this to be a huge film, and I couldn’t include asked for the rest better as a author to include somebody care as great as he did. He didn’t real advance to position and convey the traces. He wanted to fabricate all the pieces big, and I’m so grateful for his dedication. I’m moreover grateful for Bill Abbott because for thus a few years after I was at Hallmark he gave me my first shot as a author. I equipped Over The Moon In Love to him and got to fabricate that movie and write song for that. That used to be no doubt no doubt frigid because the songs of that movie went number 1 on iTunes on the singer-songwriter charts. That used to be a solutions-blowing ride. I owe that to Bill for no doubt believing in me, so when he moved over to GAC they brought me on board as a author, producer, actress, and rapidly-to-be director. I’m going to be directing for them to boot, and that’s but every other tall dream of mine.

Jessica Lowndes is the giant title, author, and executive producer of ‘Solidarity From The Coronary heart.’ (Photographer: Ian Maxian)

Have you ever thought about writing a musical romance film?

Jessica Lowndes: Oh, sure. That’s certainly on the bucket checklist. I no doubt include moreover been engaged on so many completely different genres. I’m for the time being writing a effort movie to boot and a pilot. There are moderately about a scripts within the works because after writing Solidarity I fell in adore with the route of, so I made it my job. Even prior to I was getting paid as a author, I’d take a seat down every day from 9 to five, and I’d write. I’d spoil for lunch, and I’d real judge of news that I was eager about, roles that I’d adore to play, so I will’t cease. I’m for the time being in Costa Rica real now. I did two weeks of vacation after this film because the film used to be moderately about a labor. I’m here for but every other two weeks, and I’m real going to jot down but every other film. I’ve been very impressed whereas being here.

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