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Gymnast Nia Dennis Is ‘So Grateful’ After Viral Routines ‘Changed Her Life’: ‘I’ve Always Been The Underdog’

Exclusive Interview

Two years after first going dapper viral for her Beyoncé ground routine, extinct UCLA gymnast Nia Dennis printed how her lifestyles has vaulted into reputation & alternatives!

While Nia Dennis is now retired from her gymnastic days, her viral routines as a UCLA Bruin beget changed her lifestyles for the years yet to come. The most fresh grad tumbled into the 2021 Met Gala, starred in the Athleta Items Gold Over America Tour alongside Simone Biles, and is now partnering with Pressed Juicery! “It’s been correct one replace after the subsequent and I honestly correct feel so blessed and so grateful to be on this status,” she told HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “All my lifestyles I felt treasure I was form of an underdog gymnast and didn’t basically win the credit rating that I have faith treasure I deserved, so for it to sooner or later pay off in my final two years of gymnastics felt very surreal and felt treasure all the arduous work that I’ve been inserting in used to be correct fully rate it.”

Nia first caught the honour of the arena in February 2020 when her Beyoncé-inspired ground routine at a twin meet against Utah amassed tens of hundreds and hundreds of views on-line. “I desired to feel confident and who better than to inquire of as much as them the Queen, compatible?” she recalled. With her exaggerated hair flip and imaginary crown on her head, judges gave Nia a 9.975 for the ground routine and a year later, she returned with something arrangement more modern. “There were other things I desired to incorporate in my ground routine, that integrated Shadowy tradition and Shadowy forms of dance, which correct wasn’t as prominent in my Beyoncé routine as it used to be the following year.”

Nia Dennis is partnering with Pressed Juicery! (Courtesy of Pressed)

For her senior season, Nia wowed judges and the arena once more along with her ‘Shadowy Excellence’ ground routine to music by Kendrick Lamar, Soulja Boy and Tupac. She kicked it off paying tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman as Lamar’s “Humble” conducted and the gymnast hit the “Wakanda Endlessly” salute, earlier than happening to incorporate the Nae Nae and the Woah to say over a decade of Shadowy dance tradition.

Now that her collegiate gymnastics profession has come to an stay, Nia told HL she is “angry to explore more about myself and explore varied things since gymnastics consumed rather hundreds of my lifestyles.” She added, “It’s gotten me to where I am now and I’m so thankful for that, but it with out a doubt’s with out a doubt time to flip a brand fresh leaf and strive one other things and I’m in point of fact angry to strive it out.” One among the things Nia is incorporating into her post-grad lifestyles is the luscious Pressed juices!

Nia Dennis for Pressed. (Courtesy of Pressed)

Nia Dennis partnered with Pressed to share her fresh restricted-edition Nia Dennis Routine, featuring her three current Pressed juices and three Pressed neatly-being photographs. “They fill you up with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants for all of your lively or no longer lively desires — correct to conclude wholesome!” she explained. “For me, it’s about taking little steps to inquire of neatly-behaved adjustments and neatly-behaved targets. And that’s continuously  how I was in the game of gymnastics — we point of curiosity on getting 1% better daily. Pressed has helped me accomplish that originate air of the game and incorporate it into my day-to-day life-style.” You can win the Nia Dennis routine on-line at or in-retailer.

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