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‘Grown-ish’s Trevor Jackson Breaks Down That Shocking Breakup: ‘It Was Hard For Him’

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The Aaron/Zoey/Luca fancy triangle took a flip in the ‘grown-ish’ premiere. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Trevor Jackson and more in regards to the broad breakup, what’s subsequent, and more. SPOILERS!

Aaron broke up with Zoey in the January 27 premiere of grown-ish after tensions boiled over relating to Zoey changing into Luca’s intern. Aaron settled issues with Luca himself, nevertheless he decided to finish issues with Zoey so she could well well be free to discontinue what she predominant. HollywoodLife got EXCLUSIVE scoop from Trevor Jackson about Aaron’s mindset relating to the rupture up.

Trevor Jackson as Aaron. (Freeform)

“Let’s ultimate hope that they are able to remain traffic. I know that’s always refined whenever you rupture up with someone, staying connected to them,” Trevor urged HollywoodLife. “That’s something I am hoping for, nevertheless who knows the build it goes. Clearly, I’m sure it was inviting for him to rupture up with her, nevertheless he thought it was easiest. I mediate everytime you’re transferring out of that build of living it’ll always come wait on in a proper build of living for you.”

Aaron sat down with Zoey and urged her that he didn’t would favor to come between her and her profession. He admitted that he wouldn’t be in a position to deal with Zoey and Luca working together if they were unruffled in a relationship.

Jordan Buhat as Vivek. (Freeform)

As for whether Aaron goes to indirectly be k with Zoey and Luca working together, Trevor said, “He ultimate better tread evenly, that’s all. Correct don’t acquire loopy. Withhold it refined, retain it uncomplicated.”

No topic Ana disturbing that Vivek retain their surprise hookup a secret, he ended up spilling the beans to Zoey, Jazz, and Nomi. Jordan Buhat defended Vivek’s hotfoot-up. “He was attach below stress,” Jordan admitted. “If the rest, other folks are sizzling on Vivek’s for a sizzling 2nd nevertheless then they neglect. He’s an awfully likable goof, so I’m sure she could well well forgive him.”

When requested if that is at threat of be the open of something more between Vivek and Ana, Jordan said, “Gosh, wouldn’t that be execute of cool? That could well be stunning cool because up until that time there’s not genuinely been, which I most traditional because Vivek has always been a enormous guy friend, which is a valid thing… I truly don’t know the build that execute of relationship could well well stagger because they ultimate don’t match on paper, you know what I mean?”

Diggy Simmons as Doug. (Freeform)

Doug has been busy hooking up with Kiki — in the wait on of Luca’s wait on — nevertheless is Jazz unruffled a component? “She’ll always be a component,” Diggy Simmons urged HollywoodLife. “I possess worship she could well moreover honest make a choice up even been Doug’s first fancy. They spent so principal of their college expertise together. That was so crucial. She’ll always be shut to his coronary heart, nevertheless I possess worship he has varied issues to deal with honest now worship college, looking to navigate the mission with Kiki and Luca not radiant, so I mediate that he has lots that he has to navigate through honest now.” Grown-ish airs Thursdays on Freeform.

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