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‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Preview: Vanessa Tells Tee Tee That Egypt Is Saying Shawn Cheated

Exclusive Video

Vanessa gives Tee Tee the lowdown about the Shawn cheating rumor and how Egypt is involved in this EXCLUSIVE preview of ‘Growing Up Hip Hop.’

Vanessa Simmons is always there for her friends. She sits down with Tee Tee Francis in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the June 17 episode of Growing Up Hip Hop. “There’s a rumor going around,” Vanessa tells Tee Tee. “They’ve heard that Shawn [Rogers] cheated on you.”

Tee Tee is understandably shocked. “What the f**k? I can’t,” she says. Vanessa adds, “Or is cheating on you.” Shawn and Tee Tee got engaged in March 2020 and have a son together.

Vanessa Simmons
Vanessa Simmons talks to Tee Tee about the cheating rumor. (WE tv)

The thing is, Egypt Criss is the one spreading the rumors. Vanessa felt it was her duty as a friend to tell Tee Tee the word that’s going around.

“I know that you’re not currently talking to Egypt,” Vanessa says. “I do think she’s trying to get your attention because she misses you, but it just did not sit the right way with me hearing it through people that don’t know you and that’s your family. Whether or not you guys are talking or not, she should be your family member and say if she’s heard this thing then come to you. It hurt me for you. I felt like I needed to tell you because I feel like you need to just nip it in the bud.”

Tee Tee is furious about the rumor and how Egypt is doing nothing to squash it. “Oh, I’m just so mad. It’s like, first of all, I’m like, how f**king desperate are you?” Tee Tee says about Egypt. “And what in the fuck is the point?”

Tee Tee Francis
Tee Tee Francis learns about the Shawn cheating rumor. (WE tv)

The synopsis for the June 17 episode reads: “Angela breaks down in tears when her split with the boxer faces public scrutiny. Cree struggles to reconnect with her father Uncle Luke. Vanessa warns Tee Tee about the rumor spreading behind her back and all hell breaks loose.” Growing Up Hip Hop airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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