‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Preview: Tee Tee Picks Out A Wedding Band That Costs A Whopping $30K

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Tee Tee and Shawn flow surfing for wedding bands on this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-original ‘Rising Up Hip Hop,’ and Tee Tee picks out a band that costs $30,000!

To the jewellery retailer! Tee Tee Francis and Shawn Rogers are headed down the aisle, nonetheless they must uncover their wedding bands first. On this EXCLUSIVE preview of the January 13 episode of Rising Up Hip Hop, the couple begins by taking a examine eternity wedding bands for Tee Tee.

The costly wedding band that Tee Tee tries on. (WE tv)

She tries on one diamond wedding band and desires it to be better. The subsequent dimension up is precisely what she’s shopping for in a wedding band. “Wow, that’s a hand, even though,” Tee Tee says. The marriage band costs $30,000!

“Don’t you’ll want to dangle individuals to comprehend it’s severe?” Tee Tee asks Shawn, who replies, “It’s no longer?” After listening to about the ring’s mark mark, the jeweler chimes in, “Chuffed accomplice, entirely contented lifestyles.”

Tee Tee and Shawn take care of to head over to the choice aspect to sight his wedding band. Shawn doesn’t need the relaxation flashy for his. “No matter’s on sale,” he jokes. He doesn’t need the total “glitz and glam” that Tee Tee wants.

He tries one wedding band on and says the band is “so substantial.” He asks straightforward how to acquire the ring off, and both Tee Tee and the jeweler designate that the total level is no longer taking it off. “Can’t I build on it spherical my neck?” Shawn asks. Tee Tee claps aid, “I’m gonna punch you to your face.”

Tee Tee Francis in the January 13 episode. (WE tv)

“Shawn desires a ring on 24/7, so Shawn can also very wisely be reminded he is married 24/7,” Tee Tee says, “All these other individuals in the streets must be reminded that Shawn is married 24/7.”

The synopsis for the January 13 episode reads, “All hell breaks free at a celebration when a purple meat erupts, and fists hover. Twist faces gun charges in court docket. Cree visits Angela’s original home in Atlanta and unearths a heartbreaking secret. Tee Tee and Shawn clash over wedding rings of their rush to the altar.” Rising Up Hip Hop season 6 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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