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Globo Launches Partner Program To Offer Path Into Latin American Market For U.S. Start-Ups

Major Latin American media company Globo is launching a new initiative it hopes will attract U.S. start-up companies looking to expand into the Latin American market.

The Globo Partner Program has been in “stealth mode” for a year and there are already 90 partners onboard, including Palantir, LiveRamp, Snowflake, and Clash, and venture capital firms such as Samsung VC, Disney Accelerator, Plug and Play, Mindset Ventures, and Stanford Reaction Global, the company said.

The program offers opportunities in digital advertising and in direct-to-consumer platforms, developing new businesses and assets. Key services include data monetization, short videos, contex ad, conversion and attribution, and deep watching.

“Globo is a key entry point into Latin America, and we represent over 100 million daily users in the U.S. startup community, helping founders and VCs understand the size of the opportunity,” said Carlos Moreira Jr., Director – Global Media Ecosystem & Partnerships (E&P) at Globo and head of the Globo Partner Program. “We’re putting technology to work in a scaled market, creating new businesses and sustainable revenue streams for our U.S. partners. Our early integrations with U.S. startups have been very encouraging.”

“Latin America already provides an ideal environment for local and global companies to develop and test new digital products and solutions,” he added. “We want to make sure our ambitions in Silicon Valley match the size of the opportunity in LatAm.”

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