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Georgia Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene Confuses The Gestapo With Gazpacho

You remark potato. I remark po-tahto. You remark gazpacho. I remark Gestapo.

Georgia Procure. Marjorie Taylor Greene presumably wants she might presumably perchance well call the total dispute off, as the song goes, due to her abominable gaffe Wednesday. In an interview on One America News, the controversial congressperson combined up the chilled tomato soup with the Nazi secret police.

It fast turned uncooked meat to the Twitterverse.

Greene intended to slam the Home Preserve Committee’s ongoing investigation of the Jan. 6 Capitol rebellion. She ranted against Home Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her “gazpacho police.”

“No longer handiest manufacture we private now got the DC jail, which is the DC gulag,” Greene said to OAN. “But now we private now got Nancy Pelosi’s gazpacho police spying on people of Congress, spying on the legislative work that we manufacture, spying on our staffs, and spying on American electorate that have to come search the advice of with their representatives.”

Greene spokesman Slash Dyer passed on the following reveal from the congresswoman: “No soup for folks that illegally test up on on Members of Congress, but they’re going to be thrown within the goulash.”

Some Twitter reactions:

Regulation and Repeat: Particular Gazpacho Unit

Marjorie Taylor Greene Warns of ‘Gazpacho Police’ Spying

— Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) February 9, 2022

Marjorie Taylor Greene at a loss for phrases “gazpacho” with “gestapo,” on the opposite hand it’ll be less funny when she’s chief of the Vichyssoise Regime.

— Frank Lesser (@sadmonsters) February 9, 2022

Overheard: Marjorie Taylor Greene keeps talking about Nancy Pelosi’s “Gazpacho” and now I desire the recipe.

— George Takei (@GeorgeTakei) February 9, 2022

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