Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva are still together, gifts reveals their complicity

Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva are still together, gifts reveals their complicity

After many months of reports as well as suppositions about a nostalgic break, Gabriel Soto and also Irina Baeva were present once more on social networks, although not in the way that their followers would anticipate, yet in a couple of publications. with which it is validated that the couple’s partnership is still going strong.

The actors had some information with their closest people and also sent gifts for them, such as their manager Karem Guedimin, who was given a bottle of a glass of wine that was accompanied by a card authorized by the couple: “Happy holidays manager, you we desire. Gabriel and Irina.

In another congratulations, the doctor Med. Genomics and anti-aging, María del Mar Guerra, posted a video clip to say thanks to the model of Russian beginning as well as the Mexican for having remembered her and also providing her a gift. Both clips were shared in Irina’s very own tales, which she accompanied by several hearts.

For several months, the actors have been involved in different rumors about a feasible separation, considering that they have not been seen together on their socials media, neither do they share pictures in enchanting locations, even Gabriel praised Irina on her 30th birthday celebration and also she did not reciprocate. with some message, that made believe that the break impends.

On top of that, the star is related to Sara Corrales, his companion in the telenovela My course is to love you, although she denied any type of sort of romance, as she affirms that they are just coworkers. Irina and Gabriel have plans to get married, which have not materialized due to various variables.

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