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FYCit Screenings App Launches, Creating Compass For Awards-Season Voters

EXCLUSIVE: For those awards voters looking for a centralized place where they can find information about contender screenings going on around town, now there’s finally a destination. Independent film producer Ryland Aldrich has launched the ultimate app for awards season, FYCit, which tracks all the awards season screenings and events from major studios and distributors.

The app is currently in limited public preview, available on iOS and Android in the App Store and on Google Play, or you can visit Oh, and by the way, it’s completely free.


FYCit tracks every movie designated as a contender by each studio. If it’s listed on the studio’s awards or guild website, then it’s listed on the app. FYCit then lists every screening that a studio publishes on those awards sites, or as the app programmers learn about them; complete with date, time, venue information, and potentially other info like if there’s a reception or Q&A. The app links users directly to each studio’s specific RSVP page so users can reserve directly with the studio.

App users can select the movies they want to see, and FYCit can alert when new screenings are added. Users can also mark specific venues as favorites and find out when a new screening is added to their particular theater of choice. Users can sort by studio, search by director, or filter by genre. Awards voters can also mark the movies they’ve already seen for the season, thus creating a convenient list when it comes time to vote.

Says Aldrich, “The app came about when I realized how impossible it is to find a comprehensive list of FYC screenings. Like most guild members, as a member of the PGA my inbox is flooded with studio invites, guild invites, screening series invites, and more. But if I just want to see what screenings are available on any given Friday evening, I would have to click around to every single studio’s awards website, click on every movie, click the city, and more. So I thought, I wish someone would just compile all the different studios’ screening data into one place. Then I thought, wait, why don’t I compile all of the different studios’ screening data into one place. That’s FYCit.”

FYCit is working with Kyle Katz Consulting on studio outreach.

Aldrich’s production company Point + Drop Productions has produced several narrative and documentary feature films, series, and audio projects. Some of these include the Sundance 2017 movie It Happened in L.A., the Tribeca 2016 film Folk Hero & Funny Guy starring Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s Wyatt Russell and Girls‘ Alex Karpovsky; and Hazart’s sci-fi movie A Hard Problem which made its world premiere at the Cinequest Film Festival this year. Aldrich has served on several film festival juries, panels, and advisory boards and is a long-time contributor and editor for the popular film website Screen Anarchy.

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