Free Comic Book Day Revived After Two-Year Pandemic Hiatus

It has been said that “free” is the most beautiful word in the English language. Add “comic book” to that and you have geek nirvana.

Today marks the return of Free Comic Book Day, a promotion staged by retailers to drive traffic and promote readership. The event had been held in the first week of May, but the pandemic warped and woofed those plans, with most retailers opting-out of single-day events or live promotions.

Today’s  event is being held over one or two days, specific to certain locations.

Comic book retailers, publishers, suppliers and distributors are involved in Free Comic Book Day, which, as tht title suggests, will give you a freebie, with each location determining the rules for obtaining same and titles limited. Diamond Comic Distributors is providing logistics, marketing and public relations

The event has been leveraged over the years by film studios as well, who use it as an awareness tool for upcoming super-hero cinema.

Participants in the Los Angeles area include Hollywood’s Golden Apple Comics, Comics Factory in Pasadena, and Legacy Comics in Glendale. Some locations are using the event as a fundraiser for various comics charities, including the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and Comic Books for Kids, which does outreach with hospitals for children.

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