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‘Fast Foodies’ Trio Tease Season 2 & Reveal Why Fast Food Dishes Can Be ‘Difficult’ To Recreate

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The heat is on for the ‘Snappy Foodies’ crew in season 2. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the cooks about season 2 changes, what immediate food dishes show to be basically the most ‘hard,’ and more.

Snappy Foodies turned a tasty hit when it premiered in 2021, and now the show is succor for season 2 initiating January 27. HollywoodLife purchased EXCLUSIVE scoop from the three hosts, Iron Chef winner Justin Sutherland and Top Chef winners Kristen Kish and Jeremy Ford, about what to anticipate within the kitchen this season as the rush for the Chompionship Trophy intensifies.

“The format of the show is terribly a lot the same,” Justin promised. “It’s us three mixing and recreating our celeb dishes. I own stuff you’ll assume utterly different from us, I own all of us are able to showcase a minute of increased level of food. I own you’re fair true going to survey loads cooler food from all of us, and I own you were going to survey fair true our natural interactions. In season 1, we had fair true come together as a trio. After getting thru that and persevering with our friendship, I fair true think our natural chemistry and interactions fair true play in actual fact well. We receive diverse fun together, and we’re making some in actual fact fair true food.

Kristen Kish with Nikki Glaser. (Anna Maria Lopez/truTV)

Kristen added, “We’re all more chuffed. We furthermore know how the show works. So I own within the internal workings we know precisely what now we receive to attain. We film for 10 to 12 hours a day, so that you simply’re roughly fancy, okay, what’s going to get reduce backpedal into 24 minutes of television? We’re a minute of more conscious and experienced, and I own having that info furthermore helps us info the show alongside a minute of bit.”

Ultimate season, the cooks were able to recreate dishes from immediate-food chains fancy McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and more. Justin admitted that he turned into mad to take care of Chipotle dishes in season 2 “because that turned into my first cooking job ever, so I turned into having a anticipate showcasing my burrito rolling skills.”

While our favourite immediate-food dishes are introduced to us immediate, it’s loads more challenging than you own to recreate these dishes. “I own the more processed the food, the more hard,” Justin admitted. “I own when we’re doing sandwiches or things that aren’t as heavily processed are fair true a minute of bit more straightforward, but making an try to recreate and reproduction a few of these very determined lab-created flavors will also be very hard.”

Justin Sutherland on ‘Snappy Foodies.’ (Anna Maria Lopez/truTV)

Jeremy infamous that making immediate-food pizza dough is rather tricky. “Pizza dough is a laborious one, for me on the least,” he knowledgeable HollywoodLife. “Lovely attributable to the timing that you simply receive to get rid of to get it performed, the proofing, and all that stuff positively makes it more sophisticated even as you happen to receive to attain a dough. We did one this season the put I own turned into it Justin or Chris that definitely made bread? I own it’s hilarious because for us to even try to pull that off, and his turned into in actual fact in actual fact fair true is loopy to me. So I own even as you happen to commence bringing in doughs and breads, that’s when things get a minute of loopy.

The losing cooks in each episode receive to face defective punishments. Kristen teased that episode 2’s punishment is “repulsively disgusting but extremely exciting.” Justin added that Snappy Foodies purchased “in actual fact inventive this yr” by the utilize of the punishments. Snappy Foodies season 2 will air Thursdays at 10 p.m. on truTV. 

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