‘Ever After With Jaleel White’ Podcast Set For TV Adaptation Via Topic & Audio Up

EXCLUSIVE: The Ever After with Jaleel White podcast, featuring the actor behind 90’s uber-nerd Steve Urkel from ABC sitcom Family Matters, is getting the TV treatment.

The podcast, which comes from Jared Gustadt’s Audio Up, launched last year and Topic, the streaming service from First Look Media, has now ordered a 30-minute TV pilot.

It marks the first podcast from Gustadt’s burgeoning business to make it to the small screen and comes as audio series continue to be a Hollywood goldmine.

Ever After will see White reminisce on his early days in the industry, and give viewers an insight into what life was like after the iconic run as Urkel ended.  It will look back on White’s early to mid-90’s fame, as he shares the microphone with an array of fellow child star guests, to discuss how their paths diverged from their early days of fame.

The series is set to shoot around L.A. and is a continuation of the podcast, keeping the talk show format. The pilot will air on Topic on August 26 and will feature Beverly Hills 90210’s Brian Austin Green as the first guest.

The TV pilot is produced by White, Alfredo De Villa, Audio Up’s Philip Alberstat and Jared Gustadt as well as Topic’s Ryan Chanatry, and Debbie De Montreux.

“The 90’s were a decade where pop culture took flight and were defined by some truly iconic moments that make us more nostalgic than ever. It was also the decade of sitcoms where many child actors got their start,” said White. “Philip Alberstat, my producing partner, and I thought it would be exciting to create a show where we would reach out to some of TV’s most famous child actors and see where they are now, how they dealt with fame, growing up famous and what the future holds for them. The podcast series enabled us to have deep, meaningful conversations with many actors and now we are even more excited to have a TV pilot ready for viewing.”

“Jaleel and I felt strongly that audiences were yearning for 90’s nostalgia,” added Alberstat. “His status as a child star and television icon gave him the credibility to ask our guests tough questions and explore what fame does to kids who were famous during the 90’s. We are very excited to have a successful podcast series now move to the television space.”

“We’re excited for our partnership with Jaleel and Audio Up,” said Ryan Chanatry, General Manager of Topic. “Ever After’s nostalgia and comedic curiosity brings a fresh perspective to the Hollywood stories behind child stars.”

“The goal for us has always been to create the best audio that can cross over to the top in-class television formats. Working with Jaleel White and seeing his entrepreneurial and creative growth over the last year, has been extremely inspiring,” added Gutstadt.

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