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‘Eternals’ Summons $38M Overseas Through Friday, Eyeing $80M+ Offshore Opening Weekend – International Box Office

SATURDAY UPDATE: With Friday’s numbers included, Disney/Marvel’s Eternals increased its international box office to $38.4M through the first three days of offshore rollout. This portends an overseas opening weekend of $80M+. The global cume through Friday is $69.1M with domestic included, making for a possible $150M+ worldwide debut on the Chloé Zhao-directed superhero gods movie.

In total, Eternals is now out in 46 material offshore markets, repping 93% of the international footprint. It has opened at No. 1 in all key markets, and while it may be dividing audiences, they are turning up for the first weekend (the projected overseas cume through Sunday is higher than where the industry saw it pre-opening); legs will be an issue. The film is currently running 87% ahead of Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings and 7% above Black Widow on a like-for-like basis.

Korea continues to pull strong numbers with $6.2M through Friday. Saturday added another estimated $4.4M to bring the running cume to over $10.5M (Saturday is not included in the overall international total above). This is good news given Korea was considered a key element to the offshore launch.

Rounding out the Top 10 markets through Friday are France ($3.8M), Mexico ($2.4M), UK ($2.3M), Australia ($2.1M), Germany ($2M), Italy ($2M), Taiwan ($1.7M), Brazil ($1.6M) and Hong Kong ($1.6M).

We will have a full update on Sunday.


PREVIOUS, FRIDAY: After beginning overseas rollout on Wednesday (see below), Disney/Marvel’s Eternals moved into a further 25 markets on Thursday and lifted its cume to $19.8M in 39 total. The first two days of play put the Chloé Zhao-directed super-gods pic at an estimated 117% above Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings and 19% above Black Widow on a like-for-like basis.

Key new markets on Thursday included Mexico which opened to a No. 1 $1.3M (including previews). This was good for a 69% share and came in 110% over Shang-Chi, while 20% below Black Widow. Australia, which is finally getting going again, also debuted Eternals at No. 1 with $1.1M (223% above Shang-Chi) to score the fourth highest opening day during the pandemic era.

Brazil likewise scored a No. 1 start, with $1M (including previews) for an 82% market share and the highest opening day of the health crisis. It came in 78% above Shang-Chi and 55% over Black Widow. On Thursday, similar pandemic-era bests were seen in Argentina, Malaysia, Singapore, Central America, Peru and Uruguay. 

Korea remains the lead international box office market with $6.14M through Friday (of that, today’s $2M haul is not included in the through-Thursday cume above).

Rounding out the Top 5 behind Korea through Thursday are France ($2.6M), Mexico ($1.3M) and Italy ($1.2M) with Australia and Germany tied at $1.1M.

Today adds Spain, the UK and Japan as well as Poland, South Africa, Turkey and India.

We’ll have updates throughout the weekend.

PREVIOUS, THURSDAY: Debuting in an initial 14 international box office markets on Wednesday, Disney/Marvel’s Eternals opened to an estimated $7.6M with No. 1s across the vast majority. First-day results on the Chloe Zhao-directed pic put it 85% ahead of Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings and 20% ahead of Black Widow on a like-for-like basis. Wednesday previews not included in the total above out of Mexico ($500K) and Brazil ($400K) place the film at No. 1 in each.

As we reported yesterday, Korea banked $2.6M (including midnights) on Wednesday to lead all play and score the second highest opening day during the pandemic era (behind only F9 which opened on a holiday). On Thursday, Eternals added an estimated $1.54M in the market (not included in the total above) and maintained the No. 1 slot.

Eternals’ first day of play in Korea was 125% ahead of Shang-Chi, 68% above Black Widow and 6% higher than Doctor Strange. Current social scores are lower, however, with Naver at 6.95 (vs Black Widow 9.03/Shang-Chi 7.76) and CGV at 75% (Black Widow 96%/Shang-Chi 87%).

A big Marvel market, Korea is key hub to watch this weekend as restrictions ease and as it enters a new phase of its virus response with the so-called “living with Covid” strategy. 

The full overseas projection start in 93% of the international footprint is pegged in the $60M-$75M range. Shang-Chi, which likewise was original Marvel IP, did $53M in like-for-like markets

Other key markets that opened Wednesday include France, Italy, Taiwan, Germany and Hong Kong.

France scored a strong No. 1 opening with $1.6M, 66% ahead of Shang-Chi and 12% below Black Widow. The early Allociné audience score is 3.8, higher than Black Widow’s 3.3, and below Shang-Chi’s 4.2.

Italy’s $700K opening Wednesday was 78% above Shang-Chi and even with Black Widow. Eternals took the No. 1 spot with more than seven times the box office of the No. 2 film.

Taiwan gave Eternals the biggest opening day since May at No. 1 with $600K. That’s 315% higher than Black Widow and 103% above Shang-Chi. Germany likewise grossed $600K at No. 1, +39% on Shang-Chi and +20% on Black Widow.

Hong Kong’s Wednesday was good for $500K at No. 1, giving Eternals the second best launch day of the pandemic (just 1% behind No Time To Die). The start is 26% ahead of Shang-Chi and 14% ahead of Black WidowSweden’s debut was the second biggest opening day of the year at $300K (+109% Shang-Chi/+8% Black Widow)


Today sees further openings in Australia, Brazil and Mexico as well as Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Portugal, Ukraine, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Argentina and all of the smaller Latin American territories.

We’ll have updates throughout the weekend.

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