Erika Buenfil claims to love Emmanuel Palomares very much, with whom she is romantically related

Erika Buenfil claims to love Emmanuel Palomares very much, with whom she is romantically related

Because Emmanuel Palomares (32 years old) and Erika Buenfil (59 years of ages) began to share recordings of the telenovela Forgive our wrongs, in which Jorge Salinas stars, there were numerous rumors that the actors started a partnership, which increased when both looked very thrilled publishing videos for TikTok.

In his possibility, the young actor rejected all the versions regarding whether they are a couple, although he shared his excellent love for the exceptional starlet, that is understood for her personalities in melodramas such as Amores Verdaderos, Marisol and Selling the Past, as well as currently she is the Mexican to take words to talk about your partner.

In an interview for Caras magazine, the additionally proclaimed “Queen of TikTok”, talked about her more than 40-year career, her communication with her followers, as well as how she reacts to rumors, especially those that link her to Emmanuel.

“The one from my guy that is not my guy? (laughs). It had not been that awful since he’s beautiful, however I care extra regarding him than myself. I don’t recognize where they developed it, the good news is we are artists and we are used to this type of news, “she dove as well as revealed right into what his relationship with the actor resembles.

“It makes me laugh, I do not even understand what to answer. Additionally, they have made up all kinds of stories from how we met and when we fell in love, yet none of it is true. Whenever we see each other, we hug and love each other so much, we satisfied on a TV show and also ever since we have actually created a very nice friendship, but there is nothing more than that, “she claimed.

For a number of years it has been known that the actress is solitary and is elevating her child Nicolás, whose dad is Ernesto Salinas Jr., kid of the former president of Mexico, Ernesto Zedillo, with whom he already has a closer relationship.

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