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Bespoke Forever is a reputed Engagement Rings specialist in London that helps to design a bespoke ring of dreams. We can help you to craft a custom engagement ring design for your special one. Our rings are uniquely designed and handcrafted with ethically-sourced diamonds. The fabulously beautiful story of life together begins with an engagement ring. This is a special decoration, the choice of which is important to approach with all responsibility because great love lives in its gentle outlines. Try to create a unique engagement ring design on our 3D jewellery configurator page and give yourself and your beloved one unforgettable impressions of the most important day of your life. Engagement rings


What girl does not dream of receiving the coveted ring from her chosen one? A marriage proposal cannot be imagined without a precious gift. But it was not always so. Let’s find out what the engagement ring is, how to choose it and why.

The tradition of giving a lady an Engagement Ring arose in medieval Europe, when the 15th century, the Austrian Duke Maximilian chose the first beauty Mary of Burgundy as his bride. Since the duke had strong feelings for his beloved, the young man was very worried that he would be rejected by a beautiful lady.

And although the parents have already agreed to a marriage of young people, the coveted marriage day the young had to wait a very long time. Fearing that the bride would meet another man, the duke decided to send her a diamond ring with the letter “M”, which every day would remind Mary of her chosen one.

Engagement Rings

What Does The Engagement Ring Symbolise

Over time, the decoration began to be perceived as a guarantee of the groom’s serious intentions, as well as an indicator of his material well-being and ability to provide for his future wife. It is for this reason that only girls wear engagement rings.

Traditionally, a man gives a woman an engagement ring when he proposes marriage. He puts it on the 4th finger of her left hand (in some countries, jewellery is worn on the right hand), known as the “ring finger”.

Make Her Say “Yes”: Engagement Ring Buying Tips

Choosing an engagement ring is not an easy task. You need not only to purchase a beautiful product, based on your male taste but to give your beloved the ring of her dreams! Remember that a correctly selected gift will indicate how well you know your beloved girl, and will be another point in your favour assigned by her or even her parents.

Start by choosing a metal. In this case, it is important to take into account the taste of the future bride and be sure to pay attention to what jewellery she wears in everyday life. In our online jewellery store, it is easy enough to find engagement rings in white, pink or yellow gold, as well as platinum for the most sophisticated persons.

You should also know that not all rings are suitable for the role of an engagement ring. Traditionally, there are several types of rings that help you tie the bonds of love even stronger:

  1. Time-tested classic – an elegant ring with one shining stone or a solitaire ring. This win-win option will help out if there are difficulties with choosing a ring.
  2. Halo ring: This is the name of engagement rings in which the central stone is framed by smaller crystals.
  3. If a girl is used to being in the spotlight, a bright decoration with a scattering of flickering stones on either side of the central gem will suit her.
  4. A ring with a large stone in the shape of a heart is romantic jewellery with an eternal symbol of love. It is enough to say the main words, and everything else this decoration will say for you. There can be several options: halo ring, solitaire ring, three stone ring or side stone engagement ring.

When choosing a ring for a proposal, it is important to remember that often women wear two rings on one finger or one hand. So it’s better if the engagement ring design allows this combination. Less commonly, married women move their engagement ring to their right hand. And in some families, it is customary to put on an engagement ring after the wedding only for anniversary celebrations. If this is your case, you can choose not concise and classic, but an unusual and elegant engagement ring.

Thanks to 3D jewellery configurator on our website, you can create a custom diamond, white, yellow, and rose gold engagement rings, to conquer the lady of your heart.

Engagement Ring With Gem Looks Laconic and Elegant

Jewellery is usually adorned with gemstones. Engagement rings with diamonds are considered a classic option. The fact is that in the Middle Ages, special magical properties were attributed to the stone. It was believed that the hardest mineral in the world strengthens feelings, symbolizes eternal devotion and willingness to overcome any difficulties.

However, in the modern world, there is a wide selection of engagement ring options. You can choose jewellery with sapphire, ruby, emerald or combine several varieties of precious stones in one product.

If you do not know what to choose, the consultants of your jewellery online store will be happy to help you. Our many years of experience allows us to determine the needs of each client, so you just have to enjoy the emotions experienced during the bright engagement period.

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