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Emma Corrin Thanks Princess Diana in Her Golden Globes Acceptance Speech

Emma Corrin Thanks Princess Diana in Her Golden Globes Acceptance Speech

Tonight, actress Emma Corrin took home her first ever Golden Globe for playing Princess Diana in The Crown—and after thanking the usual suspects (her cast and crew, her agent, the works) in her acceptance speech, she took a moment to honor the woman she portrayed.

“Most of all, thank you so much to Diana,” she said. “You have taught me compassion and empathy beyond any measure that I could ever imagine, and on behalf of everyone who remembers you so [unclear] and passionately in our hearts. Thank you.”

Corrin also gave a special shoutout to her onscreen husband, Josh O’Connor, who played Prince Charles in the series. “Thank you to my prince charming Josh, I could not have done this without you,” she gushed. “Thank you for making every single day by my side a complete joy.”

The actress told British Vogue earlier today that she’d taken precautions before the Golden Globes, in case she did take home the award—namely, removing her dog Spencer from the premises, for fear he wouldn’t be able to handle the commotion. “I’ve been banned from the living room by my four housemates, who are getting it ready for tonight, as if it were my birthday or an engagement party, and I’ve sent my cockapoo Spencer to my parents’ house, in case he gets overwhelmed by it all,” she said. “I feel incredibly lucky, but I do wish I could be with the cast as well.” Hopefully, Spencer will be able to congratulate his mother on her win—for playing his namesake, no less—very soon.

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