Elizabeth Gutierrez hid her first pregnancy because William Levy advised her to

Elizabeth Gutierrez hid her first pregnancy because William Levy advised her to

As he has rarely done, William Levy decided to open his heart and bring to light some details of his private life . The actor did not limit himself to telling part of his childhood, his beginnings in the world of entertainment, even secrets that until now were unknown about his sentimental relationship with Elizabeth Gutierrez.

The love story of both actors began in 2002, when they participated in the Telemundo reality show, Protagonistas de Novelas . Over time the two managed to fall in love and become one of the best couples in show business. His romance gained more strength when the actress became pregnant; However, the arrival of a baby at that time was not the best option, so the Cuban actor asked Gutierrez to keep the pregnancy a secret .

“ Elizabeth and I were looking for our first job and she tells me she’s pregnant . I was in Puerto Rico doing a play, which was the first thing I was doing. I was making I think $120 on the weekend. I tell her: ‘ Let’s have the child because I would like someone to call me dad ,’” the actor confessed in a small documentary on Canela Punto TV entitled My Life.

Despite the moment in which they both met, William said that he always reached out to his then partner to bring that baby into the world , but before that, he offered Elizabeth important advice so that her pregnancy would not make them change their path. of his plans.

“We went to Miami to a casting they were doing at Venevision, at that time. We did the casting, she was already pregnant and she told me: ‘What do I tell her? Shall I say, am I pregnant?’ I told him: ‘ No, don’t tell them anything, shut the fuck up. Don’t even think about telling him you’re pregnant, they won’t give you the job . You hide it as far as that belly can hide ,’” the Cuban interpreter commented with a laugh.

The former couple was selected in the casting for their first job on the small screen, but soon they were forced to reveal the truth about the sweet wait. Despite the fact that they imagined the worst, the production gave them a quite gratifying response, something that marked William’s start in soap operas forever.

“We both took the job and then over time we had to tell the truth: ‘Look, she’s pregnant.’ Venevision at that time behaved very well with us, they said: “Nothing is wrong,” and they wrote to him that the character got pregnant and we followed each other, he has made his career and I have made my career, it has been a very beautiful thing. That was my first job as an actor, the first novel I did here was called Forget You Never , ”commented the actor.


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