Elizabeth Alvarez shares what is her greatest family wish for this Christmas

Elizabeth Alvarez shares what is her greatest family wish for this Christmas

Elizabeth Alvarez has a terrific want this Christmas and it is absolutely nothing less than to see her spouse Jorge Salinas and the little girl she had with Andrea Noli with each other, after the daytime soap sweetheart recognized that she is his child.

The actress from La Herencia confesses that one of the most vital thing for a person to be in tranquility and also harmony is family unity, specifically having children close by. She is looking for the best time for her hubby, Jorge Salinas, and also Andrea Noli’s little girl, Valentina, to satisfy.

The very best thing for Leon and Maxima’s mommy would certainly be for the whole family to be with each other for these holidays. “How fantastic that all this happens, nothing would make me better than seeing all the households together,” were the words of the artist from Chihuahua, Mexico.

“I might never assume that Jorge is away from his kids, not even for a second can I envision it,” stated the lead character of Fuego en la Sangre, that has confessed that her family life is perfect as she always desired for considering that she was a youngster.

Jorge Salinas acknowledged Valentina, after 16 years. “I want my child to be dealt with like a queen, my children as a matter of fact, since I have 3 children,” were words of the 54-year-old star during the Despierta América program. Her mom, Andrea Noli, never ever concealed that the girl was the item of a connection she had with Salinas, yet he never ever intended to admit it.


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Jorge Salinas has an overall of 6 children with different females: a female with Gabriela Catano that is the oldest, Fatima’s twins, Valentina by Andrea Noli and also the twins with Elizabeth Alvarez.

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