‘El Planeta’: First Trailer For Sundance Film Festival & New Directors New Films Pic

EXCLUSIVE: Here’s the first trailer for Amalia Ulman’s debut film El Planeta. The black-and-white dramedy was among the buzzier titles in Sundance’s World Dramatic competition this year.

The Spanish-language debut opened New Directors New Films in NY and will be released in theaters by Utopia from September 24.

Set in the industrial northern Spanish city of Gijon during the country’s economic crisis in 2009, the story turns on mother and daughter grifters, played by Ulman and her real mother, Ale Ulman, who resort to ever more desperate schemes to keep up their erstwhile middle-class lifestyle and survive the financial crisis.

Our critic Todd McCarthy said of the film out of Sundance: “You’ve never seen anything quite like it before”.

Written, directed and produced by Ulman, the movie also stars Zhou Chen and Nacho Vigalondo.

Producers also include Kathleen Heffernan, and Kweku Mandela, and co-producers are Riccardo Maddalosso, and Sebastian Pardo for Memory. It features an original score by Chicken, aka Burke Battelle.

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