Daniel Arenas kisses Adamari Lopez and confesses that he has already moved to the United States

Daniel Arenas kisses Adamari Lopez and confesses that he has already moved to the United States

Daniel Arenas (43 years old) spoke in the past about not concentrating his entire career on acting to open up other paths , and although his fans expected to see him return on television in a telenovela, he did so but as host of the Hoy Dia program , which also includes Adamari Lopez and the new members Penélope Menchaca, Andrea Meza and Chiky Bombom.

The welcome was at the beginning of this week, which filled his followers with happiness but also increased the uncertainty about whether he left his girlfriend Daniella Alvarez in Colombia, where they are from , or plans to go live with him in Miami. home city of Telemundo, to which he replied that he has plans drawn up.

“No, right now alone. Moving for me is something that is being complicated for many reasons. I first lived in Mexico for 13 years, last year in Colombia, right now to come here, we’ll see that things are happening little by little, but the idea is to be accompanied, but here we go little by little , ”he expressed for the program The Hot Table.

For more than two years, Daniel Arenas and Daniella have maintained a sentimental relationship that they strengthen even in the professional field, since they are partners in the women’s clothing and accessories store owned by the former beauty queen, who also owns a brand of jewelry that is marketed in their home country.

The kiss with Adamari Lopez

Upon his arrival, the soap opera heartthrob already began to have controversial moments , because while he was talking to the hosts about his facet as an actor, they did not hesitate to ask him how they do to kiss each other , since it is a very personal action and that it does not reach misunderstood, to which he replied: “Just don’t stick your tongue in.”

But he wanted to be more graphic, so he took Adamari’s face and slowly brought it closer to give him a kiss that the Puerto Rican driver responded to and caused the euphoria of his companions, and although it was a fictitious kiss, it soon became a trend.



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