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Dan Levy & Paul Rudd Are Spotted Having Indian Food In London & Fans Go Wild With Memes

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Dan Levy and Paul Rudd posed for pics with an employee at the Darjeeling Express restaurant while sitting together and enjoying a meal, and fans took to Twitter to share their epic thoughts.

Dan Levy and Paul Rudd‘s visit to an Indian restaurant in London, England this week has fans going wild! The 37-year-old Schitt’s Creek star and 52-year-old Ant-Man star happily posed for Instagram pics with the Darjeeling Express owner at the Covent Garden establishment and after she shared them on the restaurant’s page, they quickly went viral. In one pic, both guys are smiling while sitting in front of their food at a table in the dining location as the owner stands next to them, and in the other pic, Dan is posing close-up with the owner alone and he’s holding up a peace sign.

The captions for the pics and a previous post indicated Paul had already been to the restaurant with his kids earlier in the month, but it was Dan’s first visit. “When Paul Rudd returns for dinner to the restaurant and this time brings the lovely @instadanjlevy with him! ♥️❤️,” the caption for the group pic read. “Thank you @instadanjlevy ❤️ I am so happy you loved the food! Look forward to serving you the Biryani next time!” the caption for Dan’s solo pic with the owner shared.

Once the pics went viral, Twitter users were quick to share their thoughts about the meet up between the two actors and even posted funny memes. Many of them were about how Paul never seems to age and still looks like he could be his 20s. “I’m starting to think Paul Rudd is going to look exactly the same when he’s like 80 at this point,” one tweet read while another asked, “For the love of all things sacred, how is #PaulRudd not aging at all???#ForeverCrush.”

For the love of all things sacred, how is #PaulRudd not aging at all???#ForeverCrush 🤤😍

— Zelica Sierra (@thezessier) August 1, 2021

“Dan Levy and Paul Rudd having Indian food? Made my day,” a third Twitter user shared while a fourth wrote, “i saw paul rudd and dan levy were eating indian food…so now i’m eating indian food.” Another admitted, “Finding out that Paul Rudd and Dan Levy are friends made my long weekend.”

Finding out that Paul Rudd and Dan Levy are friends made my long weekend.

— Andrew Horan (@AndrewHoran77) August 1, 2021

It’s unclear whether Dan and Paul were hanging out for a work-related project or just as friends, but it’s definitely become a memorable moment! Dan also shared a pic of the food he enjoyed at the restaurant to his Instagram story along with the caption, “Thank you @darjeelingldn for a truly memorable meal. You can taste the love!”

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