Dakota Johnson On ‘Am I OK?’s Coming-Of-Age & Coming Out Story – Sundance Studio

“I the truth is beloved the premise of of us of their 30s silent figuring issues out and silent becoming whoever they’re becoming,” Dakota Johnson acknowledged of her most up-to-date movie Am I OK? screening at Sundance. “I delight in we in most cases survey those in high college, [in the] early 20s. However I’m like, ‘How also can any one know who they are then the least bit?’ I feel like I’m correct beginning to fall proper into a solidness in myself and I’m 32.”

Talking at Closing date’s Sundance Studio, Johnson discussed the Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allynne-directed feature, written by Lauren Pomerantz. The fable follows Lucy (Johnson) as she figures out her sexuality, whereas simultaneously negotiating challenges in her relationship in conjunction with her most attention-grabbing pal Jane, performed by Sonoya Mizuno.

Pomerantz explained she based the script on her personal life, coming out as homosexual later than the bulk—one thing Allyne moreover linked to.

“I learned my sexuality later than most conclude, or is assumed of unique, and equally had that inner fight correct attempting to be aware myself as a homosexual person,” Allyne acknowledged.

In the muse writing a fable about friendship per her precise-life abilities, Pomerantz transformed the script when she came out. “I spotted that that became as soon as the fable I desired to deliver,” she acknowledged. “And I the truth is desired to mix it with the friendship a part of it all. So I started rewriting it as this friendship/ coming-of-age fable.”

Mizuno credit Pomerantz’s writing for a approach of authenticity in the movie’s central friendship.

“It felt and it study on the collect page so correct, on myth of it became as soon as so correct. I don’t think I’d ever study a female friendship like that earlier than that felt so precise, and like my feminine friendships. So it became as soon as extra or much less there for us. And then it became as soon as putting myself into that personality and that dynamic.”

For Notaro, engaged on Pomerantz’s fable became as soon as a no brainer, she acknowledged. “Lauren and I had labored together previously and the truth is enjoyed working together and had a in point of fact the same comedic sensibility,” she acknowledged. “Stephanie and I the truth is linked with it.”

Notaro, Allyne and Pomerantz moreover procedure, with TeaTime Photos, Johnson’s firm co-based with Ro Donnelly.

Take into myth the conversation in the video above.

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